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35 Responses Mar 23, 2009

<p>"Since you're looking down here, my leg will do the talking"</p>

<p>...and the award to worst dressed goes to....</p>

<p>thank God i shaved my legs...</p>

<p>Scratching mosquito bites can be hazardous to your stockings.</p>

<p>spring recruiter</p>

<p>what stockings?&nbsp;I couldn't get past those hideous shoes</p>

<p>a hole new meaning&nbsp;to 'economy' tights&nbsp;</p>

<p>well it could be worse, my skirt could run too.</p>

<p>This give a "hole" new meaning to the term SHABBY CHIC!</p>

<p>Pretty Woman.&nbsp; Only Julia Roberts never met Richard Gere, and is losing her touch after 22 years on the street.&nbsp; Her legs aint what they used to be...</p>

<p>Ladies Day at the golf club and Mertyle gets a hole in one... stocking leg.</p>

<p>stop the laughing i am setting a&nbsp;new trend here</p>

<p>One size fits none.</p>

<p>Quick! Call the Fashion police! These criminal stockings have done a&nbsp;"runner" but it looks like the victim has been caught in "fishnets".</p>

<p>on a good note... this snag can't take away from this ridiculous outfit</p>

<p>somebody had the "balls" to rip my hose !!</p>

<p>Is&nbsp;this the&nbsp;bus back to the trailer park?</p>

<p><strong>Going to church?</strong></p>

<p>Mr Magoo missed again!!!!</p>

<p>Oh no!&nbsp; There's a run in my stocking and my job interview is in fifteen minutes!</p>

<p>Todays guess what this is? Caller you're on the air</p><br />
<p>"This person has no self dignity, fish net hose with a long dress, its gotta be a transvestite. No self respecting woman would be seen in a get up like that."</p>

<p>Wish that dam dog would stop humping my leg. This is the third pair of stocking&nbsp;today!&nbsp;</p>

<p>well i think its all wrong.&nbsp;And worst its the shoes she is wearing. should be boots cuz the feet looks terrible&nbsp;like that.</p><br />
<p>But, whats most important its personality and dressing whatever people desires</p>

<p>stocking to leg: **** you, leg!! you big meat hock, you're ripping me apart!</p>

<p>What are you talking about, a hole in the stocking?!" This is the new fashion!!</p>

<p>going undercover sure is a drag!</p>

<p>Okay who's running around taking my picture again?</p>

<p>Amy Winehouse is out and about and man has she piled on the pounds.</p>

<p>And the 1st Runner Up is....</p>

<p>Bambi read that men like fishnets with holes "where it counts"&nbsp; She just wasn't sure "where it counts" was!</p>

<p>yea, thast's for the other one</p>

<p>This way to the rear entrance of the love machine</p>

<p>My name is really Harold but I won't tell'em until AFTER I get that twenty!!!</p>

<p>&nbsp;If I&nbsp;were those stockings I'd run too.</p>

<p>It's Britney Spears y'all!</p>