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45 Responses Mar 26, 2009

<p>Steve found himself deeply regretting spending all his change on the worlds biggest pacman machine display</p>

<p>"Now let's see...which of these snacks can make my butt less fat??"</p>

<p>Must be the United States</p>


<p>Wal-Mart have intro their brand new vending machinie.</p><br />
<p>Always low price, always.</p>

<p>This would make one heck of a mini-bar in my room.</p>

<p>The Junk Food Museum&nbsp;</p>

<p>As Dave deliberated between his usual brand of miniature soda or the slightly cheaper on-special version, he got the strangest feeling he was being watched from over his right shoulder..</p>

<p>The Smithsonian Saturated Fat and Regret Museum</p>

<p>someone used windex! i didn't even know there was a window there. now where's the door?</p>

<p>These super-sized vending machines are just complicating my life!</p>

<p>decisions....decisions? hmmmmmmmmmm?</p>

<p>Not exactly Abu's Kwiki Mart.</p>

<p><strong>My Aussie cousin asked for some Fosters</strong></p><br />
<p><strong>Fosters WHAT?</strong></p>

<p>can not find em can not find em .......oh wait there they are.....thought to self what an odd place for condoms!</p>

<p>Let's see, which topping am I&nbsp;going to put on my girl tonight?</p>

<p><strong>&nbsp;eenie meenie minie moe!</strong></p>

<p>Call the police! Someone stole all the babies and replaced them with a Quikie Mart!</p>

<p>D**n, I've got something in my teeth!</p>

<p>If I hit A3 is my milk gonna explode when it falls down??&nbsp;</p>

<p>A museum exhibit post recession: </p><br />
<p>Life's Little Luxuries from a Bygone Era........</p>

<p>What form of self dececration shall I choose today?</p>

<p>Eeny meeny miney mo....</p>

<p>Let's see....... handcuffs, massage oil, chocolate syrup, cherries..... mmm... I know there&nbsp;is something......... oh yea whip cream!</p>

<p>mmm what do i want? oh there is some chips or mayb the lubrication might&nbsp;come in to more&nbsp;use... at least&nbsp;it wont make mess like the chips....&nbsp;</p>

<p>would i be better with choc and&nbsp;f&nbsp;lowers or&nbsp; something we can share</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>Items are closer than they appear, they are just not attainable!!</strong></p>

<p>"Screw this! I'm going to WALMART!!" </p>

<p>I've heard of window shopping but this is rediculous............</p>

<p>Where are the Flintstone vitamins?</p>

<p>So this is that new see food diet everybody has been talking about!</p>

<p>Wow....When she said that she was anial....She really meant it.....</p><br />
<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>Wonder if she has an alarm on this thing????</p>

<p>&nbsp;"I miss the days where we could actually touch the products... Dang shoplifters"</p>

<p>Where's the cheetos?</p>

<p>Hmmm ... What should i wear today ?&nbsp; the cream the chocolate or the Honey ??</p>

<p>Er, i dont remember what she told me to buy... i hope i get the right one...</p>

<p><strong>Hmmm, I&nbsp;wonder how long I can stand here admiring myself in the reflection before someone realizes I'm not here shopping!</strong></p>

<p>Decisions, decisions! Helllllllllpppppp!!!</p>

<p>That bottle of Scotch looks OK, but I wonder if my fake ID will still work here?</p>

<p>I&nbsp;don't know if I&nbsp;should grab that KY jelly......I'm wearing a pink shirt.</p>

<p>It's amazing how many different flavoured condoms there are these days</p>

<p>AHHHhhh?.......Where do I put the money?</p>

<p>What was it I came here for? Think I'll grab the Special K and call it a day!</p>

<p>My new aquarium</p>

<p>Okay, let's see.....ur...where did she say the no sugar added puffems was......</p>