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27 Responses May 26, 2009

<p>&nbsp;why is she on the the blue side and he on the pink side?</p>

<p>Hey.what's wrong with our house?What's wrong with our noses?!</p>

<p>It is so old here, why don't we change into something new?</p>

<p>How taxidermists play house.</p>

<p>"Where is Peter Cottontail"&nbsp; Oh, he is hopping down the bunny trail.&nbsp;</p>

<p>"Dessert?"</p><br />
<p>"No thanks, I'm stuffed"</p><br />

<p>Available for $9.99 ...&nbsp; plus shipping and handling ...</p>

<p>"The Cronicles of Narnia. The Rabbits, the Witch and the Wardrobe."</p>

<p>&nbsp;I&nbsp;believe this stuffy lifestyle has become a stitch in my side!</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>Some said"Get Stuffed!" I did!!</strong></p>

<p>Foreplay the Marks' household has gotten weird lately</p>

<p>Taxidermist aims to corner the luxury end of market with his latest ' Animal Aristocracy' range.</p>

<p>Peter would you please hurry up and snap the D*** picture!!!!</p>

<p>Well, Hopper I'm glad our hopping down the bunny trail days, have come to an end,Oh yes, Thumper I too am&nbsp;tired,that hipping and hopping did me in!</p>

<p>I still don't understand if I am the male rabbit why do I have to ware stockings.</p>

<p>Honey,are you thinking what I am thinking?</p>

<p>"Honey! Can you come over here & get this damn thing off my nose?"</p><br />
<p>"Yeah right! I ain't got no eyes, remember?!"</p>

<p>Alice in Wonderland, who emerged from the hole in a catatonic state, tries to portray something about her trauma in art therapy.&nbsp;</p>

<p>This is what happens when people have too much time on their hands..</p>

<p>the only two members of parliament left who haven't fiddled the tax payers!...</p>

<p>Some say where as twisted as our family tree~ But i still know how to make your kitty purrr......</p>

<p>In the rat race of life, screw like rabbits and grow longer legs so you can run faster!</p>

<p>I say, How will we move these things from the rabbit hole?</p>

<p>Look - that table is splitting hares!!!&nbsp;</p><br />
<p>See?&nbsp; There's a table and it's - splitting -</p><br />
<p>I'll leave now.&nbsp; </p>

<p>Mr. Rabbit: I could sure go for a nice big carrot</p><br />
<p>Mrs. Rabbit (sighs):&nbsp;I've been thinking the same thing since our wedding night</p>

<p>Which demographic did you say this would appeal to Regis?</p>

<p>After many years of loyal service Peter Cotten tail and his wife finally retire.</p>