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24 Responses Jun 4, 2009

<p>look man!! I think I see water!! Yeah man!!</p>

<p>Are you sure this is where we parked the Jeep?</p>

<p>Rock surfing</p>

<p>Bubba and his cuzins wanted going off to try out that new fangled deevice they seent on the tv at their favortie swimming hole known as "the beach?"</p>

<p>&nbsp;Surfing is skateboarding on the water.</p>

<p>Why not ride the boards down to the waterfront.</p>

<p>"We are men men men men....all we do is surf surf surf surf!</p>

<p>I knew we should have taken that left toin at Albeqouike..&nbsp; Meh surf's up doc</p>

<p>Hi ho hi ho it's off to surf we go,</p><br />
<p>hi ho....... Just remember to never use this phrase down town. It takes on a hole new meaning :)</p>

<p><strong>It's such a BORE seeing these BORING </strong></p><br />
<p><strong>people with their BOARDS,while </strong></p><br />
<p><strong>WE&nbsp;have NO water for the HOARDS!!</strong></p>

Surfer Migration... nature is so beautiful.

<p>4 broken surfboards:$1450</p><br />
<p>6 trips to the hospital:covered by insurance(hopefully)</p><br />
<p>Brain damage from wiping out and hitting your head on the jagged rock: Priceless</p><br />

<p>&nbsp;Sharks don't like rocks...</p>

<p>The water is nice but what are these tounge depressers for?</p>

<p>You've heard of the mile high club?...But have you ever heard of&nbsp;Out in the deep blue?.better know as the Mile out club....Wink Wink</p>

<p>First one down is a broken egg!&nbsp;</p>

<p>"we're going surfung with the seals!&nbsp; i wonder if we'll spot any great while sharks?"</p>

<p>Crash Test Dummies Testing &nbsp;Area</p>

<p>What did I tell you man we'll have the place to ourselves.</p>

<p>Avalanche surfing: If a pebble can cause a ripple, imagine what half a mountain can do.</p>

<p>DUDE, the surfing is Mongo- Awesome, but hitting the beach is a beeyatch!</p>

<p>While difficult, surfing in the Rocky Mountains was gaining popularity!</p>

<p>5 men + 4 surfboards + 1 woman / 4,524 rocks = 1 entry in a New Zealand police blotter</p>

<p>OK the chance of us being there first looks sortof slim!!!!!!!</p>