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41 Responses Jul 13, 2009

<p>The reason there are so many redneck jokes.</p>

<p>"i dont htink this qualifies as camping.."</p><br />
<p>"theres a tree aint there ? of course this is campin!"</p><br />
<p>"were sitting outside a convenience store in the center of town its hardly roughing it" :o</p><br />
<p>" of course we are if we wernt going ot rough it we would be setting up camp in the pub not drinking semi-warm beer under htis tree."</p>

<p>I thought this was the line to buy tickets for the Barry Manillow concert.</p>

<p>Mike and his stoner buddies JUST&nbsp;NOW realized that the Gay Pride parade was sunday!</p>

<p>Yo, Hommie-G's. Am juzz Chillen wit ma peepz. Yew noe wuh am sayen! chea! Chikka Chikka!</p>

<p>Fine I'll try doing my homework..*looks at it* im stumped...okay fine im drunk big deal</p>

<p>Yeah so what, pink chairs. Boys like pink too you know.</p>

<p>I never knew the Pink Chair Society was going to be so snobbish. So, I&nbsp; am not allowed to have my domestic beer unless I get out of my sacred Pink Chair.Who do they think they are, anyway?</p>

<p>But the song said "money for nothing and your chics for free"</p>

<p>ah, it's paradise . . .</p>

<p>121. Abu Dharr said, "The Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, told me, 'Do not consider anything correct insignificant, even meeting your brother with a happy face." [Muslim]</p>

<p>Lazy bugs here!!!</p>

<p>&nbsp;</p><br />
<p><strong>&nbsp; Out with the TRASH!</strong></p>

<p>Chasing the dragon.. now available outdoors, and without Asians.. oh, well, except for that guy</p>

<p>Dude where's my car?</p>

<p>we were discussing biking causing prostate problems? did you bring a rubber glove?</p>

<p>A town in desperate need of a park....</p>

<p>Like Dude, I thought you were going to invite Lance!</p>

<p>I wonder what the poor people are doing</p>

<p>Really, it's this big!</p>

<p>....and then that huge fish just fell right back in the water... honest!</p>

<p>Man im just relaxin,maxin it ain't too taxin...yo c'mon you gonna film all day?? or grab us some cokes? ya know how me and my boys are chillin now...</p>

Will Smith telling everyone to look this way before he flashes them with new memories. They use to all be multi-millionaires for a huge firm. But now they all will think they own the Pink Drink Saloon just behind them and will talk with accents.

<p>I wanna chill like them</p>

<p>&nbsp;"No, I'm not going to hold your beer and <em>watch this.</em>"</p>

<p>reformed ex hells angels members. look how far they have come!!!</p>

<p>Tailgaters having a good time :)</p>

<p>where here for the gay paraide but i think we missed it ahhh</p>

<p>Arm chair bike riders </p>

<p>"C'mon! Another picture? Jesus!!"</p>

<p>So How do you get Over my Knee when I'm in a lounger chair like this ?</p>

<p>&nbsp;ah its so hot ill sleep forrr aa dayyy</p>

<p>Am I bovered???</p>

<p>This is the life, my street front property by the sea of traffic. Does anyone have any more sunblock?</p>

<p>Like the&nbsp; new pink phones we're waiting in line to get will, like, TOTALLY define us, dude! You know? Like? Dude? Duuude.....</p>

<p>Government employees hard at work.</p>

<p>wooooe dude, it was like wooo, and then duuuude&nbsp; it went wooow, you know.</p>

<p>"Cycle or Sit In The Shade & Drink Beer....hmm.....Cycle or sit in the shade & Drink Beer...hmmm?" </p>

<p>I tell ya this is the life!! Nothing like hangin around downtown Main St with your buds and waitin for the chicks to walk by. Now someone get me a beer!</p><br />
<p>Ladies....this is what you stay away from...always!</p>

<p>&nbsp;"who's got my beer?!" "look 'm pissed give it back or i'll, i'll kill your cat!" %D</p>

<p>Partners of the Race for Life Ladies show their support, in the only way they know how.</p>