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44 Responses Jul 27, 2009

I'm not useless, see, look what I can do!

<p>is this a beter picture for the britney spears look-a-like competion</p><br />
<p>ya its a perfect mach your like her twin</p>

<p>I was just diagnosed with Tri Polar </p>

<p>&nbsp;this is what you get when you have too much sex during pregnancy.</p>

<p>Hey!!!, Did you say there's still some food on my left cheek.</p>

<p>"Okay, so I look dorky dressed like a girl, but it certainly helps me meet great guys"</p>

<p>While 'Aunt Jane' was just trying to make little Tommy laugh instead he burst into tears and said 'Mommy, auntie Jane face broke!'</p>

<p>Look what I can do!!!!!</p>

<p>This is what happens when you get stuck on STUPID!</p>

<p>This is your brain on mother-in-lie!</p>

<p>" Trying to pop the neck and it was so stiff I went into a mild seizure."</p>


Ma'am, if you continue to provoke the chimps I'm going to ask you to leave the zoo.

<p>Larry Kings retarded sister</p>

<p>"And then my teacher said this is the new math and this is the new computer program and this is the new binary system and I was like........."</p>

<p>this is why there are safety restaints for babies. *thump* there's another homeschooler!!</p>

<p>Gilligan and Abbe Hoffman DID secretly produce a love child...</p>

<p>What the heck is Obama saying, I dont get it!</p>

<p>Number one injury in dodge ball. Fracture C2 with paralitic tongue....</p>

<p>"I'm trying for a replacement surgery!"</p>

<p>&nbsp;Hey! Did anyone see the guy in the yellow shirt that was here a few days ago? I think he said he was Larry King's brother.</p>

<p>Grandma always said "If you make fun of someone your face will stay that way".</p>

<p>My mum always told me took look where I was going. "but if you had seen that guy, he looked sooooooooooo HOT phew" what a place to put a street light ouch!</p>

<p>Does this make me look sexy?</p>

<p>HAHAHA!&nbsp; Made you smile!</p>

<p>"Stare into my eye! You aree under my control....stop laughing goddammit!"</p>

<p>Dagnabbit! Cousin Helga cut me out of our Prom photo 'ta paste it on Ep .</p><br />
<p>Now you know why we split'up</p>

<p>oh no! Sally forgot to take her meds again!</p>

<p>Ever had one of those days when you don't have any clean underware after you get a shower and you have to dig something&nbsp;dirty out of the clothes hamper to ware till you get a load of laundry done?</p>

<p>Shoulda listen to Mom when she said my face would stick like this. Now I'm a FREAK!!!</p>

<p>What peace means to her ...</p>

<p>If I give ONE&nbsp;MORE blow job today, I'll drown in *****</p>

<p>Someone fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch all the way down!</p>

<p>That was some difficult test.&nbsp; Amy may never be the same again.</p>

<p>Didn't your mother ever tell you that your eyes can stick if you cross them!</p>

<p><strong>"<em>Spinach Meatloaf</em> </strong><strong>AGAIN</strong>!"</p>

<p>I'm voting for Obama's Health Plan.....Are you?</p>

<p><strong>Love can appear strange to some people!</strong></p>

<p>Oh, crap. Open the windows, quick!</p>

<p>I don't think she understood.&nbsp;One more time, you sign up for the&nbsp;special olympics are over there -----&#62;</p>

<p>&nbsp;<strong>oooh i nearly got it... wait nearly there... darn my toungs not long enough!!!!</strong></p><br />
<p>"<strong>what you looking at me like that for</strong>?"</p>

<p>&nbsp;Hey are you looking at me sideways?</p><br />

<p>The Bells! The Bells!</p>

<p><strong>children of drug users</strong></p>