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ExperienceProject ExperienceProject 26-30, M 39 Responses Feb 19, 2010

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Bummed out time traveler.

i relly need to get a life! at least, someone's life!

OMG i hate waiting in the green room.

Okay I will fix her! She forced me me to come here and then she reads a book, so I am going to sleep.


I've just closed my eyes again

Climbed aboard the EP Dream Wizard's train

Wizard Driver take away my worries of today

And leave tomorrow behind

Ooh Dream Wizard

I believe you can get me through the night

Ooh Dream Wizard

I believe we can reach the morning light

Fly me high through the starry skies

Maybe to an astral plane

Cross the highways of an EP Fantasy

Help me to forget today's pain

*Woman looks up from book*

  "Alrighty... then., thought I was headed to Grand Central Station..."   *pokes nose back into book*

damn subway

Never judge a book when it's your only cover.

Sure hope the white guy gets blamed for this fart!

Right now In Iowa I would be milking the cows.

I wish this woman would stop reading so loudly.  I just need some sleep.

Another false flag in the making," I will pull the pin and praise Allah", wait that's not it, I'm missing something., how did the CIA person say to do it? Maybe I'll just get a small plane, then I don't have to yell anything.

Another busy comute to work.....................

you wanna, oh baby

O God!this stupid is sleeping.This stupid is my friend and see how he's sleeping leaving me alone.How did I select him as a friend.Tomorrow is our exam and see how I'm studying with this book and this Nincompoop is sleeping.

Hey!?! That looks like EP Jake

The man seems lost in his own world.

"Great I asked for cheap travel tickets, Im on a cargo plane destined for someplace and I don't know where."

~ feeling defeated ~

If only I'd gone to college, I could afford a fancy 'E-Book' like she has!

Evacuate the train! That bag of his is going to detonate any second now... :(

Oh, Jeez, why am I carrying a dead racoon in the subway?

Ride the Yawn-Zilla!

Snapshot of the "exciting part" of The Most Boring Roller-Coaster Ride in the World

Man Thinking: Dont make eye never make eye contact...

Man, this is so exciting i am going to catch some zzzzzz's

Ah that feels better, I should not have had that curry!

Pretend I am asleep and no one will suspect me.

If I could only wake up, but I'm dreaming. Am I dreaming?

It's NOT a purse. It's a carry all. It's European.

I think I got away with nicking this bag!

I was sure I packed my earbuds in here. It’s gonna be a long trip!


MAN'S SLEEPY ************

Dam! Haven't had date in 9 months. The insurance co. wont cover to fix my hand...

I wonder if anyone will even notice my hand stuck in this position?