How Do I Play?


I will start us off and here is the game of tag played EP Style:

Once you've been tagged, you write a post with at least five random things, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose between three and five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave a comment (“You’re tagged!” on their whiteboard or in a PM), and don’t forget to return to the group to comment on their story.  You can’t tag the person who tagged you. Since you can’t tag me, let me know when you've posted your story, so I can comment and hopefully learn more about you.

  • I want to get married again before I turn 43. That is a ways off so it could happen.

  • I’m addicted to Iced Lemon Tea and Dunkin Doughnuts Coffee. Thanks to Jimfinsav LOL

  • I can’t begin to describe how much I am afraid of spiders.

  • I have over 200 pairs of shoes and counting. 

  • When I was younger, I wanted to work for NASA or a phone company lol. What aspirations I had back in the day.



  • BASSPlayer




fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
46-50, F
46 Responses May 16, 2010

ok I got tagged and tagged back 5 others . . . hehehe . . . 8D

this was a first for me so i wrote a few things and tagged a couple people .. not sure if they will play but ..I did !!!!

Awesome. Thank you for playing with us.

Can I play even though I havent been tagged?

Yes. Just write a story and tag some of your friends. Anyone can play.

Lots of fun! I added 10 things. And tagged a few folks.

Thanks Dee. (Hugs)

I must be reeeal slow this morning cuz...
this all sounds real complicated to me...
but i know its not....

Just tell us a few things about yourself and then pick a couple people on your circle and tag them to do the same.

This sounds like fun but i was under tigerrider back a ways and was never tagged. Also lost account and friends list so startin over...

Tag you are it! I look forward to seeing your story here.

wishes i could rotate your pic animalvamp85 :) lolol

Awesome. Thanks for playing with us.

wrote story and tagged some friends

i wanna be "TAGGED"

Okay you are tagged.

Not a problem. you can edit your story and add them or if you don't want to edit then that is okay too. The point of the game really is just to share with others and to have fun with our friends here. Thanks for playing with us.

Hi fungirlmmm,<br />
I was tagged by Dreamgirl122, { yes, she of the "liquid velvet lips".<br />
anyway I wrote my piece, ( ......... The boy from Oz) but I forgot to add some people I would like to forward it to.<br />
Sorry I stuffed up,<br />

Yes. I followed supermothers lead and switched up the game a little. Sorry.

CHEAT!!!hehehe I just saw this and it is still a sore spot fer meh!hehehehee!

Here is the vid I was on about with the shoes...

This new EP profile format ripped out my profile vid. I thought of it when I saw your huge shoe collection mention. I was given the link to the vid in reply to my story on "I love jellies" group, I think on here. Nice game, this tag. Looks like it's going great too:)

My dear friend .Can you tag me.I want to play and i dont know how.Now i learn from you.

My dear friend .Can you tag me.I want to play and i dont know how.Now i learn from you.

tagged, ur it.

So you only have 200 shoes, what is holding you back....hehe! and get married only if you fall in love...

I thought I had a lot of shoes, but after 68 yrs haven't as many as

Hehe I love shoes almost as much as my dog.

Hey thanks fungirlmmm. Great game. You keep popping up on my profile as a suggestion for a friend. I saw this game yesterday and thought, wow, what a cool person.

YW Car. I have one closet with nothing but shoes and I have some in rubbermaid storage containers in a storage place.

Where do you keep all the shoes? This is a fun thing to do, thank you.

Cool. I am glad you are enjoying it.

i just read it..seems fun

Do I only tag people that are members in this group or can I tag anyone? Oooo, sounds like fun. Thanks for inviting me :D

they can play again or choose someone who hasn't played to take their turn.

I've just read the other comments. You DIDN'T count the sneakers?!! LOL

Aaw, thanks for letting me know :) I'm just off to bed for a cat nap but I'll be back on tomorrow and check in on the game. I'd love to play!!

LOL I will write five more in the morning lol.

You're not technically tagging me so I'm tagging you, LOL. I'll continue this, no worries :)<br />
<br />
It'll happen cause you'll make it happen, FG. I don't doubt it. But anyway, now I know what to use should you ever annoy me. Spidey!! :D

LOL they are awesome. You will find them very comfortable.

Ewww I run much faster with a spider behind me.

marcus, You are welcome ((hugs))<br />
<br />
Sylph, I think he does too. lol<br />
<br />
Geetar, I didn't count boots and sneakers. that is just heels lol.

Fungirl: Thanks for helping to make this place feel a lot like the "good old-fashioned" EP again tonight. I hope this can continue for a little while, at least.<br />
<br />
*hugs*<br />
<br />

LOL!<br />
<br />
Geetar has a shoe fetish... shhh...

I love me shoes, too... and now that it's getting warmer and warmer... I love me toenails, too!!!...

I love me some shoes.

Way to go with the shoes, girl... *high fives FG*... I haven't counted mine... I can never have them in one spot because of the different seasons... <br />
<br />
Love iced tea, too... not much of a pop drinker...


Writing my story and tagging some friends.... Lets see now....

Hey sweetheart. I miss you so much today.

Tag Baby ;)

Oh too fun! I just wrote my story and tagged some friends :)

LOL yes it is s rule. I will let you do the avatar.

Ok, ok... Here I go... but you know I will have to go find a picture first, when I join the group. It's a rule. :)