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Okay, I was tagged by silentwellofsorrow, so I must tell 5 random facts about myself...                      1) I am not very good at typing, I don't even know how to start a new paragraph.        2) I used to play a lot of musical instruments. Electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, trumpet, french horn, altonium, mellophone, and piano. (I was not great at any of them, and I do not play anymore)      3) I share my home with 3 cats (and 3 kids, and 1 estranged wife).     4)  I have now been at my current job for one half of my life. I have been there for 24 years, and I was 24 years old when I hired in.     5)  I used to be an amateur tattoo artist.             Okay, now I am supposed to pick a couple of my EP friends to tag.    I will tag  Tzodiana and xsamxrandomx.

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Oh, I have a lot of tattoos. I did a lot of work on myself, and tattooed others for a few years. A mellophone is a brass horn, looks like a trumpet with a giant bell, but in a different key. When I was in high school I played french horn in band class, and we used mellophones for the marching band. Hard to march with a french horn.

Interesting... Did you tattoo others and do you have tats yourself? I am not familiar with a mellophone... Is that similar to an xylophone?