Who Found This Ep Tag? I Love It!

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this is like a confession or something? :) let's start:


  1. i got a very shipwreck rent room i won't invite you to listen to my music cd collection :)

  2. i don't wear bra at home (now, don't show me that short-circuited eyes!)

  3. i fell in love easily, to my advantage and disadvantage  lol :)

  4. you may explain things to me and my mind kinda wandering in around 5 minutes hehe (but since EP is virtual, you would have my longer attention span since i can take a break without you know hehehe)

  5. i love Xavier, he let me, so life goes on! LOL


i'd love to tag my friends:

Dazzlingeyes (cause she's so adorable :) )

OneandOne (she likes to write, let's see what's in her stock hehehe)

SystemDownwardofSpiral (shenge - my little one indian - don't noogie me too often my IQ can get flattenev!)

Fascade (he's so thoughtful, i love his mind)

Tanengreen (he just got a new job, must be many things to tell, from the boss to the workmate hehehe)

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11 Responses May 18, 2010

i am sure all your pills have made u dreamt this weird dream about coco lady on themarket place etc etc... and the bear must be George your dog hey don't let yr daughter lose it because the failure of her father in making any make-sense comment LOL

hehe Sid! i even don't care LOL this crazy man from PR just like to distract anything from its straight course lol and i have to strike him back to the true path hehehe

OMG! Seriously? People, what is this?

ohohoho i have to double up the key to my room, you must have sneaked in and count secretly how many cds i got! 3 you said, well probably because from too tired counting the piles! <br />
<br />
btw, i am not a bear that slapped your gorgeous actor brad pitt in Legend of the Fall! don't get so sensitive with things such hybernate! hohoho

haha someone seems that he forget about the plan of building a megastore of office supplies using for other purpose.. and hey! *talk to my hand*<br />
<br />
but X, u just describe the way deaf people communicate themselves :) .. sign language.. remember?? so rather then bust into my cd collection u can go find someone who would appreciate that hands of yours LOL

hey X, i've learnt from the I Am Sarcastic group, they got one story with some useful information how to be sarcastic, and here's for you:<br />
<br />
<br />

@LordV! thank you for such nice comment, i am all flattered :)<br />
<br />
@One, i guess the reason that you keep on deleting is, that u want it perfect, but life has teached us that perfectness (except for grammar LOL) is something what your heart want to see, if you let it see your writing as perfect then perfect it is :)<br />
u see, i could also 'preachy' (the way u put it LOL)

U R too darn funny! Yes, they're coming. I promise. I have a good friend in TX who's been a great encouragement about my writing and she has tried to keep me focus and not to put it on the back burner again. But I will write, "again". I suppose I fear or insecurity is that I try so hard to avoid anything "negative" - so when I go back & proof-read and then I'd find them - consequently "delete" them. And unfortunately I've done this over & over again over the years, whether the writings were in my hard copy journals or onine. But I'll put forth efforts to make it happen in a productive way.<br />
Again, thanks for your wonderful "cheerful" spirit. I'm doing much better today dear. You are a sweetheart.

I forgot to write the reason! why I tagged people!<br />
<br />
Great post,

love you Sid *waiting so patiently to read her blog - undeleted one*

Thanks for trying to cheer me up. I surely needed it. It's been a bit weird in the last few days for me - I'm just waiting for the storm to calm down a bit - Then if I feel up to it, I'll share more.<br />
<br />
Cute comment about my writing. Haha, yes, I love to write and do everyday regardless how busy I am or crazy things can get. I've been meaninig to write more blogs, but I have a terrible habits of deleting them after I read them. A very harsh critic of my own writings. Anywho, I am still learning how to use EP so tagging is WHAT? & HOW? I need to sign up for a class on how to do that. <br />
Anywho, you sure helped put a smile on my face today. The sun is out (it rained all day yesterday) - so today is a new day. I'm embracing it with abundant gratitude.