Jumping Bean Got Me Again

-i love chicken nuggets
-i don't get sick
-i have a Autistic Brother
-onions make me want to puke UGH
- My hair is to the middle of my back

my 3 ppl are

*Signed Love
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20 Responses May 19, 2010

Silly Jumping Bean <br />
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FPKG7v82BE Check it out :-D

yes you do :)

lol no mi gusta

in that case you absolutely LOVE onions...

pssh lol you like nasty foods :-P

I thought I told you I don't eat Mcdonalds because it's NASTY there (haha mainly because my parents don't "allow" me to)

lol well it still taste good, Mcdonalds is gross but people eat that too

ewooooooooooo I do like mac n cheese, but are you serious about chicken nuggets? come on those are DISGUSTING...they're made from who knows what parts of poor chickens.. for all you know you could be eating its toe or something all mushed up in there...GROSS

how about chicken nuggets wit Mac-n-cheese

No.. better be ready for some deliciousness

better get a barf bag

I'm going to make you eat them muahha

w.e u say onion lover

you're loco for not liking them!

lol ur loco

haha nooooooo they're delicious

I wish i could ban Onions so no one could eat them

I'll admit they leave a funky taste haha that's why you gotta have some mints after!

Gross *pukes*

Haha I actually like onions!