Now let me think.....gee that hurts maybe I won't. Thanks to Sylph ....Random thoughts
  1. Love chilli.Upset my next door neighbour by eating all his chilli peppers with out rasing a sweat.
  2. I am a licenced amateur(ham) radio operator and enjoy talking to people around the world
  3. Like travelling especially exploring the bush in my 4WD
  4. Nearly crapped myself trying to drive on the righthand side of the road whilst driving on a visit to the US. The steering wheel was on the wrong side of the car too. Still I clocked up 1600 miles...thank god for automatics...even had trouble with the gear stick on the right putting it into drive...aarrrggghhh!!
  5. Have enjoyed years of playing with electronics and built my first computer(based on an 8-bit Z80 microprocessor chip)
Well since everybody has already been tagged, I will leave it at that
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1 Response May 20, 2010

He had a jar of whole chilli peppers, YUM.<br />
<br />
It was definitely scary.driving on the other side. I even turned down the wrong side when I turned a left hand corner...thankfully there was nobody on the street at the time. The controls were opposite, I kept turning on the wipers when I meant to indicate to turn, etc. It would have been so much easier driving a right hand drive car....