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Tag--- Yer It!

That's what I get for rubbing tummies and passing out treats to four legged creatures! I get tagged by Smugit! Now I have to put on my thinkin cap to come up with 5 random thoughts. *Growls at Smuggie* Ok:

     1.  As I play on EP, I'm also scratching off lottery tickets my sister got for my birthday. I've won 20.00 so far! Yay Me!!

      2. I don't like talking about myself with small facts like this , ect. If it's about bad things, I feel like a negative person. If it's something possitive, I feel like it's bragging.

      3. I've never been to Disney Land/World. 

       4.  YEsterday I helped a woman at the grocery mart locate a kitten under her truck that apparently had taken a ride under the vehicle from her friend's house. LOL

        5. Yay! I just won 2.00 MORE on a scratch-off ticket! smiley

      Thank goodness THAT part's over! So, I'mma gonna tag:

    1. Lilt... cause I love the SOUND of her name, and she likes Aldis as much as I do!
     2. Faucon..... cause her stories and attitude is just AWWWWWWSOME!

     3. Redman.... Give's me a reason to stop by and pluck his tail feathers!
emerald emerald 36-40, F 59 Responses May 20, 2010

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Aw! you should go to disney land, it's the happiest place on earth!

Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag.<br />
<br />
You have both been multitagged.

*Bent over cracking up* OMG... this has got to be one weird conversation I've had AROUND my MA!! :O We better let this stuff die down, boys! ;) Let's end the evening on a good note with no ticks, Margaritas, and no barking spiders! And I'll see you folks next week! ;) Well, cept Loyd... I'll be riding home with her this evening! :D

she sure did, you didn't find any anywhere did you emerald. mm mm and i want you to double check please. just in case you miss a spot. :)

LMBO! Well fencepost.... Me thinks someone is Skeert of Ma!! :O But I concur with that other thought, too Ma. ;) But yeah... no ticks with PT... I done checked! ;D J/kidding!

there are no ticks here loyd, it's all good. right emerald? lol<br />
<br />
i would never insult ma. not intentionally. hehe

i don't think anyone is trying to **** anyone off. i'm just trying to get emeralds attention. lol

Just between me, you, and the fencepost, methinks someone is trying to tick someone else off.

Get em, Ma! Get em! Get em good! <br />
Oh hey, wait! I aint cheap either! :P In fact, the price hasn't been paid! I aint been bought at all! This stuff has only been a good START!!! ;D

Just for the record: Ma can handle the marguaritas, Em can't. Ma doesn't need a hot tub to relax, that's what the hubby is for. And NO, it's not a twofur sale! I don't come cheap, but I can be bought, smartars.

Yep thats it ........

oh no the bubbles will be flowing and glowing. and it won't be on. i can't wait to get you in there. mm mm mm.

Is that like barking spiders??? :O Or do you mean something else??? ;)

watch out for the frogs. .....

Oh HELL NO! Well... maybe a little sliver... but that's all!

Just dont give her any CO CO

LOL, PT! ANd can you make one of those great enchilada dinners I had to go with that margarita?? We can have all kinds of bubbles going on in that Spa... even without it turned on!!! Hahahahahaha! Ewwwwww! :/ Kidding!

oh yes, you will get the best margaritas made by then spanish/mexican fellers. lol

Mmmm, I had a wonderful strawberry margarita a few weeks ago. THink I got a buzz!! :O THose Spanish/Mexican fellers KNOW HOW to make an excellent (strong!) Margarita! Bartender, PT...don't forget the lime! ;)<br />
Salt water??!! :O Is that supposed to be same effect as salt peter??? roflmbo! It doesn't work when I'm around! ;D

wine and beer you say, hmmmm. :)<br />
<br />
and emerald, i have a special hair dresser here just for you.

just dont give her beer or wine.. I have been told she gets wild and crazy

we only use salt on the margaritas that emerald will be drinking. ma gets orange juice. no margaritas for her.

PT make sure it salt water........ you will need it

the hot tub is waiting for you, just come on and get in with me. <br />
<br />
i have another one ready for ma. it's in the tent next door. lol

I meant TRIMMERS!! OMG! T!...

rimmers.... what the hell are you going to rim... never mind

Naw... PT might get the full banana split! ;D <br />
Leave the forrest out of this! It has Private Property sign up! Can't you read??!! Dammit, where are the rimmers??? :/

EM can you get back to the Harem tent... the forest is very thick............ you might get lost

WOW PT you are going to get an ear full.... maybe it will be whipcream.... LOL

PT! Come save me! I'm ready to go back to the Harem tent and sulk! :/

so she can bite me i don't have to worry? hmmm sounds good to me.<br />
<br />
now ma, i don't know about ma though. so if i take emerald ma comes with her? hmm lol

R E D !!!! Shaddduuuuppp!!

Yeah PT just like WallyWorld buy one get one free..... What a deal

OMG! And I'm soooo glad that stupid night barker is GONE! I got blamed for that one, BTW! :( And I swear I didn't let him free!! <br />
PT... you just MIGHT get an ear full soon, Mister! :P lol

I dont know about Mom but EM had her shots .... so you should be ok

LMAO! S T O P IT ... you two!!! Dang, PT is already skeert of Ma, Red!

oh but the dog is gone so that makes it all better

Yeah but you get Mom with her and all the other fun stuff...

yea red. what emerald said. lol

YOu better watch it Red !!

she is exactly what i want. lol<br />
<br />
i'm sure emerald appreciates us at this moment. lol <br />
<br />
she's gonna let me have it for sure.

she must be thinking about that one I see smoke......

go for it PT..... it might be more than you want.....

no red, i want it all. <br />
<br />
i'm gready that way. lol

maybe PT can work on the bottom half

LMBO, Red! Actually, I ALMOST put that in my last comment! I almost said: YOu must not be doing the job right if my ear is all you got vibrating!" But I was gonna be nice! ;D

Dang is that all that it made vibrate... Hummmmmmmmmm

LMAO, Red! Yeah.... it's STILL verbrating my ear! :O<br />
PT.... I'm SKEERT to ask! lol. <br />
<br />
Yeah, Coffin... I don't gamble much either. But the scratch-offs were a FREE gift! And I won $24.00 total today! :D

you know that you can always ask emerald, lol <br />
<br />
mmmm 21 you say, i've been looking for you. :)

Ohhhh yessssssssss

Yeah.... just the way I like it! ;D ;D ;D

Ruff Ruff

What?? hair of a dog??? ;)

maybe it was a hair

No, Red! I'm still too contageous from the "bird flu" *cough cough*

Do you 2 have the same fleas.........

OMG, PT! I don't even want to know WHERE you are scratching! :O LMBO! <br />
THanks for the Bday wishes! I turned 21! *snickers*


great 5 you have emerald, i'm scratching also. lol