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For my friend Knight, I posted this...  I need to stop being an introvert and afraid so here goes....

1.  I have metal plates, over 30 screws and a piece of a donated cadavar bone in my jaws. 

2.  Navigated two road rallies - BMW and Porsche 911 races and flew a plane.  I want to either get my pilot's license or race cars.

3.  Am a sci-fi fan (books, tv, movies) and wished I could travel in space and time.  I also love real science theory on time and space travel too. 

4. I don't like crowds or being with large groups of people.  I tend to be an introvert. 

5.  I am picky about who I let in and trust.  I invest in relationships and love my family and friends deeply.  And  for 4 years been in love with someone who I thought loved me the same, and they didn't.  They didn't love me as much as I loved them.  I shouldn't love them, but do and will for the rest of my life and forever.  They were my best friend and so much more (my twin flame...) and I miss them more than they will ever know.

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May 23, 2010