Ep Tag

I've been  tagged on here twice in the last week and just discovered how this tag game works.   So, I figured this would  be a good place to write my first story on here.  It's somewhat random so I hope it works.  EP tag is a cool idea!  I look forward to hearing what you think.  Comments and notes are always welcome.
Thanks for your support.

1.  I turned 22 ear lier this week and it scared me.
2.  I'm currently looking for a job in retail or customer service. Would appreciate any ideas or suggestions anyone might have.
3.  Just finished my fourth year  at Irvine Valley College.  I need to transfer soon and can't find a major. ugh!!!!
4.   I'm a big sports freak and have been since I was very young.  My username  is actually because my favorite baseball team is the Ngels (local team) and not because I play halo, the video game, like most people think. 
5.  I'm a very open person and will share most  things that are on my profile.  just ask.    

Now, I will tag the following ppl and look forward to learning more about them:
-  Turick
- Lost in Deep Thoughts
- Painter 09
haloguy07 haloguy07
26-30, M
4 Responses May 28, 2010

Thanks! Hopefully I'll get one soon. I'm getting a few interviews, but not many. Good advice. Thanks! True. I like surfing the net, watching sports, and hanging out with friends in my spare time. Not sure that'll be helpful. Yep!!!! Got support the local teams.

Good luck finding a job, are you getting any interviews, and if you are, make sure you are confident, employers like that.You cannot find a major? what do you enjoy doing on your spare time, that should be a clue to help you in career choices. Angels and Laker fan huh....

Thanks. That'll sure be nice! lol. That's true. So, will turning 25. That comes first.

I'll continue looking into them. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate your quick relpy.