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umm ok...

1. i forget a lot .reason i write this story now is because i might forgot about being tagged so i write now =/
2. i never seem to finish a long story.i start but never finish ,though i want to write.
3. i can do many crazy things like painting the walls in the room but i ll end up with paints on me and everywhere and then my aunt would b like :O
4, the thing i regret sometimes is that i make others worry n that makes me think a lot but it also makes me want to be a better person
5. today i saw myself a bit like Han Ji eun (the girl in full house-korean series), i like her ..so it made me think i like myself ,..if only i could see myself an other person ..

i tag .............
bulbula again
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me?no go paint bulbula with bublina heh


just a little tickle. She will not tickle you back, Ladee :D



*laugh attack*

*takes brush aaaaaand starts*<br />
<br />
http://www.dragonartz.net/wp-content/uploads<br />

hehe take a brush and start bublina :P hehe<br />
<br />
well...*takes a serious look* me?... *laughs*

*paint :@

*scratches chin* <br />
I want to pain bulbula :D :D :D

bulbula :)<br />
<br />
painting is fun yeah

:P that means u ll do it? yeah !!!!!!!!!!!! *waits for story with a big big smile on face*

nooooooo nooooo rules are made to b broken !!!!!!!!!! sings :u have to do it ,u have to do it !!!

we ll wait ,we ll wait :)