Pamster369, You Got Me

1.  I like to play guitar and sing and want to write my own songs.  I have some lyrics, I need to make the music.  I don't make enough time to play.

2.  I usually am trying to juggle too many things in life, and often have to re-prioritize.

3. Love hot salsa.  I can eat it by the bowl full.  I'm good at making it too.

4. I have two dogs.  One small, and one large.

5. I believe in the power of attraction and positive thinking.
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3 Responses Jun 24, 2010

Ok here goes no kids no family just with mom caretaker and have college degrees that i never needed that i should have been working insead of school should have done a lot earlier in life need to lose a bunch of weight am taking too many pills now and wish i had a life oh i play guitar and sing like **** too.

I read it too quickly, skipped straight past 'hot salsa' and onto two dogs and ended up reading "I have two small hot dogs"<br />
<br />
Yeah.. good for you mate o_o

I have three kids, 2 in college, one entering Junior High. I write some poetry too, but usually only when I am inspired to do so, not on a weekly basis, but I feel I'm pretty good at it. I also like home improvement projects, follow sports, love to swim but don't have a pool (yet), and much more.