If you're reading this because I tagged you and you don't want to play, please don't get cross with me, participation is optional of course and this is just a bit of fun.
I was tagged by june1999 so after much thought, here goes......
  1. I'm a Christian. I haven't been brain washed. I just decided that the Bible is truth and that God is the way to salvation, but just because I have my own belief, it doesn't mean I won't respect what you believe. Please don't attack me if you don't agree.
  2. I won't be swayed by what are mainstream beliefs but like to form my own opinions based on gathering my own information. Consequentially, I have a lot of controversial view points, for example; I believe that feminism has caused more problems for society than enough and never helped the women have more freedom like it promised so really, it should be seen as the lie that it is.
  3. I'm what's known as a "Surrendered Wife" This is a movement that is growing in numbers every day. It is based on the the book "The Surrendered Wife" By Laura Doyal. Basically, it's a way of saying you prefer to be part of a traditional marriage and you abolish inappropriate control of your Husband. I believe this way of life has saved my own Marriage.
  4. I am interested in psychology, that is what brought me to EP. I like to gain greater understanding about myself and the people I share the world with. Although I know there is no scientific basis to support them, I like all the little tests you can find on EP and often do these for fun.
  5. I'm a foster carer. I love children and I thrive on the challenge of taking in a new child and helping them to gain confidence and begin to heal from what ever went wrong in their own family. I am very maternal and see nurturing children as my calling in life.

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Very interesting! I knew most of these things, but I didn't realize you were a psychology nerd like me! Thanks for tagging me too!

Hi Robbo -- we haven't connected for quite awhile, but your story brings back to me much that I'd learned about you. Nice to bump into you again -- just wanted to say 'hi' :)

Cool.<br />
<br />
I've known some of these based on your other stories I've read. But this story is the quintessential you, if I may say so :)<br />
<br />
I can really relate to your number 2 point, too. I can't stand hype and the more you try to tell me something is A, the more I'm interested to see if it is actually B, lol.