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And I'm happy to be invited :-D

1. I love it when ice dropped into a glass or put under running water cracks through with such chaotic randomness, but how pieces don't break off of it. I'd love to have the leisure to really study it.

2. I trekked into Boston alone last summer to go to the Ig Noble Awards for Improbable Research. I felt really at home and among like-minded people when I was there.

3. I'm excited to be starting a new job in a more high-tech field, but I'm afraid I won't measure up. Not SO afraid, but I don't often feel

4. It ruins a show for me a little when I know the "formula" House, which I otherwise love. I know there's some absurd back story that will peak around 40 minutes into the show where he'll draw a metaphor that will reveal the solution to the main storyline.

5. I don't watch any sports whatsoever...but I especially dislike pro-wrestling. I understand the debate about it's status as a "Sport" but I'm not sure what the official verdict is.

This seems suitably random :-D

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Aug 13, 2010