I've Been Tagged By My New Wonderful friend Brokenstrings!

Here are 5 random things/facts about me.

1.) The number nine is my lucky number, and I was born on the 9th day of the 9th month of the year at approximately 9:09 a.m in the morning :D Also... it is my shoe size! I can't believe I forgot this.
2.) I'm obsessed with my hands, I would not survive without them. I'm serious, I'll stare at them and touch them... I take pictures of them, I touch them. I love my hands!
3.) I have some habitual habits; I switch between two perfumes a year or half a year, I paint my nails every three or four days, I have to take different routes to the places I go, I can't take a test in order, I cannot be in the same place for more than an hour unless it's my room; In other words, I have to have change.
4.) This site has helped me feel better at times, this site? Psh. The PEOPLE, my WONDERFUL friends have helped me feel better at times :]
5.) I have dramatic mood changes. This is sometimes a good thing :D

Okay so now I shall tag my friends;

In0centbeauty23 - Wanna know your random facts :D
tzombie - I know you'll randomly love this :D
chaoticmae - I bet we'll have one random fact in common :D
CassieWriteslove - Can't wait to hear your random facts :D
Girlanonymous - We've had tons of messaging, tell me your random facts :D
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5 Responses Dec 6, 2010

Thank you :] I know right! I loveee telling people when it's my birthday because of that. No, thank you for tagging me!

Yea, we are! :] me too. Haha tingers, what a cute name. My friend's toes are the same way, so I know what you're talking about. So I slacked and finally wrote you back :]

haha we're so weird! I love it. I adore the way flats look but unfortunately i think my toe fingers (is that what they're called) are too long so my feet always look weird in flats cuz you can see the beginning of the tingers (thatll be what I call them)... and take your time... don't slack off! lol

I love my feet too, before my obsession with my hands was my obsession with my feet. I HATE wearing anything that covers my feet, even though I love closed toed shoes more than sandals, etc. I love slipons and flats the most because they can come right off whenever. Thanks :]] can't wait to read & I'm replying to your message while doing hw lol.

I'm obsessed with my feet! Haha your facts were interesting :) I shall do mine now...