Ok, i was tagged by MadameBernie, so what do you want to know? Hmmm

1. I do not eat in front of the TV. I have a dining room table that I always eat at even if i am eating alone. When I'm at work, I never eat at my desk. This is my time to spend with my food, to reflect on my day or what i need to get done.

2. I can dunk a basketball. A few years ago i was trying to dunk at the gym and failing miserably, this man walks up to me and basically told me what I was doing wrong. I attempted it a few more times and was able to dunk. Now that I know how to do it I dunk with ease. I am only 5'10". It is amazing what you can do with just a little help from a stranger.

3. I don't really like my birthday, I don't like to be the center of attention.

4. I chew a lot of gum. I switched to sugarfree year ago because my dentist told me it was destroying my teeth. I have a ten pack a week habit.

5. I am totally against gender roles. I do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. I do most of the cleaning in my house because of my work schedule, I often hand off the hand saw to my SO because i know she likes to use it to. There are somethings that I can do better because of strength and there are somethings that she can do better because she has smaller hands and is able to fit in tighter spaces than I am. I am neither above or below doing any chore.
Aether71 Aether71
36-40, M
Dec 16, 2010