And Then Again! Stop!!!!

So I no sooner finished my last 5 random things... was calmly sitting here... and got tagged AGAIN!

1.  The first thing I do when I log in to EP is go through my mail.

2.  I block about half the people who try to "friend" me right off the bat -- if they have anything about wife sharing or picture swappingl, or if they are Blue People with all sex experiences -- BLOCK.  They are just adding any female they can find and the next thing would be asking me to skype.  Eff 'em.

3.  I hate, totally hate, really seriously hate, waking up in the morning.  I am NOT a morning girl.  Nope.

4.  I LOVE to read.  We don't even have cable at home... I am usually reading three books at a time... one seriousl fiction, one non-fiction, one light fiction.

5.  I know that Cats rule and dogs drool.  My cats have told me so.


Pixelita... Fungirlmmm... mewold...marji...chipmonk ernie....
SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl 26-30, F 4 Responses May 13, 2011

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You didn't block me ... but you did ignore my friend request long time ago ....

I'm so with you on number 3. You can stay at mine anytime!

I'm more of a dog person but have to admit that the cat outwitted the dog every time!!

I tried arguing with them once.... they just turned away and went to sleep.

Sorry, the cats at home tell me that there are "no good dogs."