Thanks Whisp ;-) lol OK, let's see....5 things..... 

1) I've lived coast to coast and border to border in the US and been in 30 some odd states, but have never left the country. My dad had taken up migrant work for a few years when I was younger so we got to go all over the country planting trees for the paper industry and picking fruit.

2) I was raised in a pagan/hippie commune. Yes...none of the brain washing or kool aid stuff, but pretty much everything else you would imgine happened ;-)

3) I enjoy doing what they say can't be done. For example, the last project was a self sustaining aquarium eco system using only 140 gallons total space and fully stocked with fish. I had read that that couldn't be done with less than 300 gallons and only a couple of preditory fish at most, so I had to prove them wrong. One of these days I hope to figure out a self propelling magnetic motor too :-D

4) I don't have any lofty goals really...just to go skydiving, learn to scuba and to drive faster than 200mph at least once. (still haven't broken my personal record of about 150mph)

5) My greatest desire is for someone to find a way past all my barriors and defenses and get to know the real me and be ok with it. My greatest fear is letting the wrong person get that far.

OK, so that's my 5. Now the tags....Queenofargyll, Sylphy, pinkypip, eklectikceliac and rickigirl - Tag, you're it!!! :-D
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What am I, psychic?!? LMAO!!! :-p

Though you figured out something wrong about the faaaaeeeeriiiiieee... *giggles*

LOL, I have no idea...just how I am I guess! Seeing my friends clearly though is tell me enough to get to know you and I can figure the rest out with ease :-)

Lol! How could one be like that... yet you can see almost through us over the internet?<br />
<br />
Answer me that! *hands on hips*

LOL! No worries, my Faerie friend :-)<br />
<br />
Yeah, it was different to be sure! Prolly the biggest reason I don't really see much as being note worthy though...a good friend of mine once said that a UFO could land next to me and I'd still call it an uneventful day ;-)

I thought I've commented on this... *whacks faeriehead* Must have read it and started writing my own... sorry...<br />
But you tagged me... sooo... *whack*<br />
<br />
#2 seems so cool...<br />
#5 *gazes at the stars and makes a wish*

LOL, no worries, Whisp! Yeah, it was interesting growing up that me an interesting way of viewing the world to be sure ;-)<br />
As for the ride, you bettchya!!! Second run is yours...unless pinkypip desides she'd rather ride inside ;-) LMAO<br />
Definitely worth a toast with good strong drinks for #5 :-D Cheers!!!

Strangely jealous that u were raised in a hippie commune demmit.. lol. Thanx fer humoring me on the game. Blame bleed.. she started it lol. After u give queenie a ride in the fast car I'm next aight? She called shot gun.. so I gotsta respect that lol. <br />
I love yer fishie tanks.. so relaxing.. ohm ohm.. lol<br />
<br />
Oh and as far as number 5.. yeah.. I hear ya bro. Lets drink to that!

Thanks, Bleed! Yeah, I suppose #5 is a given for most people if not all...still, was worth mentioning I think ;-)

I think everyone is with you on number 5. <br />
<br />
Great list though :)

OK, but keep those wings angled down to act like a second spoiler...else you may become the first flying ostrich ;-) LOL

I couldn't resist. I prefer the cake without icing anyway. I hate that icing that takes like shortening anyway. I was lucky because we always had Kool-Aid popcicles.

LOL, FG ;-)<br />
Actually I really was denied pretty much anything anything with sugar in it. As an adult, I just don't like things as sweet as most people. Most cake frosting for example is WAY too sweet for me.

So you were denied Kool-Aid as a child? How has that impacted your adulthood? :)

You got it, Queen...the moment I get it all worked out to drive that fast I'll let ya know, and shotgun is all your's ;-) lol