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Changing It Up (tag By Sierra)

Thanks Sierra. Can you lay down a buh-buh-buh backbeat for me please?

Fill in the 5 blanks. Answers are at the bottom.

I got two computers
and I EP all the time
but if someone yells 'Dad'
I will drop on a dime

For my other is ill
and not very able
so I gotta represent
like a ____________

Or Macgyver and Picard
sometimes Peter Griffin too
but when you flirt with me on EP
I'm more like __________

Who can't see where he's going
in most parts of his life
I most probably bumped into
my future ex-wife.

Her sense of humor rocks
but around her I'm mostly shy
Cuz you never know on EP
she might _____________

I come from up north
where the beavers roam free
I have a summer cottage
and an igloo and a teepee.

I am lucky in life
for all that I've held
and I tend to break even

I like camping, and music
and in winter like to board
but if the weather is crappy
could be Alliance or Hoard

You might find me at the pub
or with a stick and a puck
Til that special lady comes along
who can really ___________

a) doctor Huxtable
b) Mr. Magoo
c) just be a guy
d) Jerry on Seinfeld
e) cook a duck

I tag Darktruth and Mary1283!
geetar39 geetar39 46-50, M 23 Responses May 14, 2011

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Awww Gee, you just saved my self esteem from falling way low, for resorting to recipes to make hot men salivate....Thank you, from the bottom of my now secure little heart. You ROCK!!

Please join my tag too. Thanks.

I would never cook an ostrich btw.

Which one ostrich?

Pssst. It wasn't the recipe.

Hey, it's always a good day when you can make a cute guy salivate!! *wink* even if you do have to resort to recipes to do ti!! :D

I have agree with DT...

Why do everyone think it's a duck? It's a sweet cockerel, can't you see the cute lil cockscomb? :(<br />
But you are right, one bird shouldn't kill an other, but tell that to the crows. :))

@Sierra! - Thanks. I'm salivating as I write this. <br />
@Sylphy - mmmm nice hips.<br />
@DT - Great! Glad you found your way here. Super to see your shining ligh here (I refrained from using nice)<br />
@Rickgirl - Yikes. *stares warily at the duck hoping she has a sense of humour*

One more praise for you geetar39! <br />
I enjoyed your poem so much, can't describe it in proper words! Bow to your talent... smarm...fawn...flatter<br />
No, honest!<br />
Aaaaand I can at least hunt a duck for you, we have a flock of them in a pond nearby. ;)

What's with the word "nice" lately? *hands on hips*

Will do!!

About time you got here! <br />
Send me the duck recipe. At least I'll have that. Then I can remove one of the requirements (from 311 down to 310 - yippee).

This is totally BRILLIANT!! You ROCK! Oh btw...I know how to make an AWESOME duck so if you ever meet a special lady and she's perfect in every way except duck making....I'll send her my recipe!! ;)

Ouch. Nice whack.<br />
Right in the quackers.

Haha... Oh all right... completely missed that and breezed through it. <br />
<br />
He ducks away from the whack<br />
But only to be found<br />
Laying and giggling by the ground<br />
Making a sound... quack!

No choosing. They are in order .... and they rhyme. <br />
I might add one more stanza that includes quack and whack. :-)

Lol! *whack* I wasn't straining myself. I didn't have time earlier to choose and fill in the blanks. Was about to leave the house. You're silly... *whack*

LOL> I like what you added. Very nice. I'd like to try that duck too. :-)

Thanks for the comments.<br />
Sylphy - the answers are there. No need to strain yourself.<br />
TH - did I mention beavers? Oh yeah I did. Sorry.<br />
Mahal - best post? Really? Goofiest maybe.<br />
TP - close. The answers weren't mixed up though. So close though.

Rofl!!!! Hands down this is by far the best post under this group!

I wanna guess<br />
But don't have time<br />
A penny for your thoughts<br />
I'll even give a dime. ;p

Brill! :)