As I Was Tag By The Horse........

Why the heck you tag me? LOL

Okh. what shall I write?
1. I really don't know what to write in here.

2. I am reading the book"Are you the right one"and some others but don't have time for reading

3. Most of my ep friends already know that I'm crazy

4. I use to take a nap every afternoon at work, but this days, I just took a nap at home after work

5. I am smiling person so when you saw me laughing don't think that I'm cazy because I'm really was

I want this to be  10 but I saw they write only five. Thanks for reading, I don't know you have read this, so thanks again. 

I tag

1. BenjiUK- you are my new friend and I want to know you more.

2. springbokkiwi- thanks for joining some of my groups, I would like to hear some about you

3. tien 101- you are cute and  the coolest ep friend 

4. Ziggydacat- my favourite cat friend, and best gift giver ever, and bestest of cat in here

5. Raburcke- a tiger that became tweety bird, I would like to hear your jokes, you are funny dude in here

friendlycat friendlycat
26-30, F
5 Responses Jun 2, 2011

miss my nutty boyfriend! no 6 lol

I write five here<br />
<br />
I enjoy many people we learn something new from each one.<br />
<br />
I care about the earth and fear we are destroying it.<br />
<br />
Don't worry about things..because it it's something I can't change ..i let it go!<br />
<br />
Think friendlycat is the best friend anyone can ever have!<br />
Thank you my loving Cat love Ziggy..crazy is good! me too!!!

Aweeeeeeeee I'm sorry my I missed this ! what sweet things you said ..what you are is the most precious of cat's on this earth. Love Ziggy :) thank you to include me here blush :)

Thanks for the Tag :)

"I am reading the book"Are you the right one"and some others but don't have time for reading"<br />
So you read but you don't read ...... I already know about 3 so may be that explains it :P