• I want to get marry before I get 30 and I want to have a little girl with my wife.....

  • One thing that writting and not showing can seem a litte bit doubtful but i can lick my elbow *laughs*, and yes it is possible, and yes I'm seeing that you are trying it right now xP(kidding right now, but yes I can lick my elbow, just the left one though, I can't lick the right.)

  •  Uhhhmmmm...... since I was a child I used to do cartwheels and handstand, this year I learned how to do a flare.... well my point is my future is still empty, and if I don't get to do any subject, like psychology, computer science, philosophy, medicine, military career or any other then I will try to do dance, or enter in an acrobatics team in a circus (maybe one day I get to be in Cirque du Soleil xP)

  • Uhhhhmmmmmmm....... (damn... it's hard to find 5 things on me to tell you x/), uhmmmm my first kiss was this year......

  • Ahhh this one I have to tell. I know how to solve the Rubick's Cube hahaha, my best time was less than 3 minutes, and you may think that I'm a geek or that resolving it in less than 3 minutes is awesome, well it is not.... the basics are 5 minutes, the bests can solve it less than one minute for sure, and anyone can solve the cube, you just have to search on web and decorate the algorithms *smiles*

Uhhhmmmmm....... do I really have to tag people?....

*5 minutes later*

Alright, most of the people were already tagged... it will be hard to find someone that wasn't... I will list their names and if they were already tagged than I'm sorry *smiles*

hurts2much: Uhmmm... this is noooooooo fun without her, and she was one of the firsts that I talked here on EP, and she is a really good friend to me *smiles*
KittyxCubbieBear: Ok, this one, I tagged because she added me through the suggestion box, what is no fun if you don't talk with people, so it's more like revenge time hehehe xP
Shaza101: Uhmmm... like everyone I know she is fun, I'm doing this to her to get to know her better, we still talked little but she is great *giggles*
AthenaKeene(12/19th): She is one of my bests, it would be mean not to tag her *smiles*

And thanks for the tag Floydess >.<, I'm kidding, but it wasn't easy for me to do it *tries to smile*
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Oct 16, 2011