Tag! Your It!

The rules: state 5 random interesting facts/goals about you
Pick some people of your circle and say why you picked them. ( I think it's suppose to be up to 5)
You can't pick the person that tagged you.
Tell me when you posted your story so I can comment on it.
Tell the people you picked that you picked them.

5 Facts about me

1. I know how to fix eyebrows...mines and others by threading.
    I get a piece of thread and pull the hairs and shape them.

2. In High School I was in dance performance. I love dancing.
    We mostly dance to Modern Dance and Hip Hop. I was also in a law magnet program.
    We did mock trials and had our own lil court room in school.

3. I once ran out of gas in Death Valley which is in Las Vegas Nevada.
    This girl I went to Vegas with did not listen to me when I asked her to stop to get gas.
    She was driving, I offered to pay...she didn't listen. We had to hitchhike a ride from 2 strangers
    going and coming to car from/to the next town's gas station. I was so mad at her. Never spoke to her again after that.

4. I love to sing in the car and sometimes dance while driving even though I don't have a great voice :P

5. I have a bunch of toys like barbies, Furbies, Beanie Babies, Care Bares etc...

I am going to cheat and pick more than 5 people I just recently included in my circle and don't know them that well but I find them fascinating, fun, intelligent, and creative. I would love to learn more from them.

7. TheSadPanda
8. CrystalCharm
10. PureMorning
14.Tattoed Missez
24.Univesal Self
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Five Facts<br />
1. Im extreemly minipulative, I can usually get anything i want or do anything i want or have situations play out the way i want it to.<br />
2. I would probally be a better psychiatrist then i do an Engineer.<br />
3. I used to drive fast and reckless until i had kids.<br />
4. I once took apart the insides of an old grandfather clock, fixed the motor and put it all back together when i was 12 yo.<br />
5. Although im old i still like to play with LEGOS lol.

Legos are fun! LOL! I think we all drive kinda reckless when young until we have kids. WOW! You put a clock together at 12? Impressive!

I wrote a story! :)

Oh, good! I like tag! :)<br />
<br />
Let's see now... Five interesting things about me... Hmmmm...<br />
<br />
1.) I am both ladylike and tomboyish all at once.<br />
<br />
2.) I collect and read books almost obsessively-- especially Mythology and Tolkien's works.<br />
<br />
3.) I believe that some places have personalities all their own, and draw creative people to them.<br />
<br />
4.) I have had a paranormal experience.<br />
<br />
5.) I've never been outside of the U.S., and yet, for some inexplicable reason, I've had a British accent since I was a young child. (Yes, I know... bizarre, isn't it?)<br />
<br />
Now... I will only tag five people, because that is (likely) the rule, and because it makes the game more interesting-- especially since so many of my EP friends know others among my EP friends. I ask those who I do not tag to forgive me... I mean no slight to anyone. :)<br />
<br />
1.) Roadoflife - because he is probably the friend I talk to most on EP, and this is a game he might enjoy.<br />
<br />
2.) Abooklover - Because I talk to her often, too, and I think she will find this diverting.<br />
<br />
3.) LittleBrownBat - I know she'll enjoy this game.<br />
<br />
4.) CrazyWaterSpring - Because he always seems to be in a playful mood.<br />
<br />
5.) KittyChannel - Becuase this will make her smile.

Lady like and tomboyish nice! What is Tolkien's work? You should write a story about you paranormal experience. Would love to read that. Interesting that you have a British Accent. Thanks for posting :)

I am referring to Tolkien's literary works, such as the Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings, the Silmarillion and the Lost Road. LOL. I suppose it would have been simpler to say "books," but that seemed so bland and redundant. LOL! :)

You can thread eyebrows? That is very impressive... I got it done once and always thought it might take years to master it :))<br />
<br />
Will post mine...promise, next time ... It's crazy late now and I have to wake up tomorow :b (so bold...)<br />
<br />
Thanks for the adjectives...(have a warm heart now :))

Yeah I learned to thread about 8 years ago. So I'm pretty good. I fix my sister's and friends sometimes also. Ok looking forward to reading you posting soon :)

Well let's see...........<br />
<br />
1- I am an evening batch student( junior yr), and i am a banker in a finance company, im starting to hate going to work bcoz my ex and i still see each other every morning.<br />
<br />
2- I love horse riding, ive been riding since i was 8, i won a competition in Snowball farm stables in London, i love to go hiking in the woods with friend or to the desert endurance ride..... there are some horse ive been on and i cannot forget how smooth they were during my ride.<br />
<br />
3-I like John Travlota he's been my fav since i was in high school.<br />
<br />
4- I am very very picky when it comes to letting ppl in my life, i don't trust easily, other than that im a social butterfly that is hard to resist, i can enlighten ppl around me, inspire and influence, bring out their best without them knowing and not taking the credit. i swirl deep inside search for their best and bring it from within as if its their idea. I am diplomatic and i know what to say... when to say.... and to whom...(unless im provoked then comes the sarcastic me)<br />
<br />
Last but not least...<br />
5- Im going thru a complex roller coaster breakup and i suppose the first love is a hard one to forget. I have good qualities to have had a mutual separation but i guess he loves the suffering part.

I love hiking also. I haven't ridden a horse yet. That's great that you won a competition. I liked John Travolta in "Grease" and "Pulp Fiction" I'm a social butterfly also. Sorry you are going though a difficult break up. Thank you for posting :)

I admire what ur doing, thumbs up :o)

1.I am an attorney and was pushed into it by my parents and although I am really smart I never went tooo far becasue I hate it.<br />
2.I am happily married with a blended family of 5 kids (2 adopted from Romania) ages 11-21<br />
3. I am always the funniest in the room- shamelessly so.<br />
4. I dated Ray (Rayme) Romano from 1980-1982/3. My "mother" broke up up becasue he was a bum. He married the rebound girl 18 months later.<br />
5. Anything Rob Thomas sings moves me no matter how ofter I hear it

You are pretty funny. Always love your responses to my questions. That's wonderful that you are happily married. Wow! 5 kids. My sister has 6 kids and she's younger than me. How interesting that you dated a celebrity. He was a bum huh? Thank you for sharing :)

I was a geek in high school so I totally admire you for taking dancing lessons. I did gym but never really stuck to it. As o the Vegas trip, lol I would also be the sensible one making sure we stop for gas. I'm glad you didn't get in trouble.

I was so scared hitchhiking. It's not my thing. And I called road side assistance but they couldn't come because we where in the middle of no where...in the dessert. There where no emergency boxes to call out, no street signs...nothing! I was so mad at this girl for being stubborn and not listening to me about stopping to get gas when she was low already.

Whaat why me? lol kinda shy and private >.> but if you really find me fascinating why not! :D<br />

come on bro...give meh 5 random facts. write a story :)