Tagged By Ladyverona...

...and it seems churlish not to play. I followed the trail and I think I understand this. I can see this could get exhausting but it's much friendlier than chain letters. No special requests came by way of my tagging so I suppose I can say whatever I like about myself.

- I was born on a Greek island and spent my first year there but I'm not Greek - I'm Anglo-Celtic Australian with a Polish Jewish grandfather

- I have recently quit playing all computer games with maybe a 1% relapse rate. I haven't bought Skyrim and I won't buy Diablo III when it is finally released. This is like a totally massive thing for me.

- I'm embarrassed that I speak only English but I'm too lazy to learn another language.

- I am prone to revere Carl Jung.

- I find it ironic that I wasn't able to get in touch with my anger until I stopped hating things.

...and since I read that it doesn't have to be five people that I tag, and because I have a small circle [though by some rules you can tag anyone] and i like tripods, i tag...

guitargirl23, BernadetteJoyce and CharlieUniform

...because I haven't talked to them that much. What do you think of this little ritual? Charlie you must have surely done this before. People must eventually just ignore these messages or they'd snowball forever.
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Dec 11, 2011