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And I socked him in the arm.  But I've never been a party pooper,  so I'll play along.  Juan's five things were pretty cerebral.  Mine will be pretty random.

1.  My favorite book ever..."A Prayer for Owen Meany"  by John Irving.  I never wanted it to end.  Actually, I enjoy all Irving's books.

2.  I'm not very traditional about traditions.  This past Thanksgiving, I cooked 5 slabs of ribs.  No turkey.  On this holiday, as I was barefoot on my deck, grilling ribs,  I had an epiphany.  I like living in the South.  I don't care if I ever scrape an ice-covered windshield again.

3.  When my 9 yr.old rides in the car, his go-to CD is Ray Charles.  I'm really grateful for a cool kid.

4.  I have dropped the ball.

5.  I hate it when they stop making things I need.   Like Reynolds X-LG Foil Bags.  These were an essential item when I was camping.  You could fit an entire meal in there and they never leaked.  They quit making Godiva White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream too  :-(

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17 Responses Dec 14, 2011

Thanks Soul, I'll check out Diaz!<br />
<br />
Garp was fantastic! Owen Meany even better! Go for it, Springwhiperer.

I loved Irving's 'The World According to Garp'. Never read ' A Prayer for Owen Meany' but perhaps now I'll give it a try!

YES! Owen was larger than life. I need to read it again.<br />
Did ya hear that Juan??? It's not just a good read, Annie tells it!

That story! Owen Meaney changed the molecular structure in my bones when I read it years ago.

The ball is dropping as we speak.

#4 has me intrigued.

When the kid was about 2, "What'd I Say" came on and he started giggling, then laughing to the point of tears! Something about the piano riff tickled his funnybone. He's been a fan every since.

i liked #3, very funny :)

Surreality, I'm not even a big ice cream fan. But that Godiva stuff was the bomb!

You sound like you have a cool kid. <br />
Some people don't like Turkey and cook something else on holidays.<br />
My sister cooks chickens sometimes.<br />
Hmmm....ice cream! Yumm!

hahaha...we use those brushes for cleaning off pine pollen in the spring!<br />
Good that you bought a bunch of them. If only I'd known that Reynolds was gonna stiff me, I would have stocked up too. Bastards!

Well ... it was actually 62 degrees here on Thanksgivin ... and I got a couple notches in latitude over Chicago. But no barefoot ... bad experiences with chimney-style charcoal starters. I would far rather have smoked ribs than a bird ... turkey is sooo frickin dull.<br />
<br />
Speakin of things they don' make enough of anymore ... I found the long wooden stick scraper with the brush at a hardware store last week - an I bought a half dozen. I hate those new fancy POS that go dull after 3 uses ... when your product can be outdone by a credit card, it ain' cuttin it. =)

Those bags make wonderul evening wear as well.........

Not anymore :-(

It's been 12 years since I left Chicago, cold technology has evolved surely. <br />
But Mother Nature still knows how to whip up a wind chill to your bones.<br />
No thanks.

Des, I have a fireplace and chili and 71 degrees. Thanks anyway!

Oh, and we no longer scrape ice covered windshields up here any more. We now have a defrost feature built right into the car!

Geez, my five things are pretty boring.<br />
<br />
Des, I even wrote the Reynolds Co. to discuss the importance of these bags! They sent a nice note back, but no overstock.<br />
<br />
Juan, you recently claimed to be a mutt. All the more reason to read Irving. His stories are full of mutts and special individuals. Put it on your Christmas list.

Thanks for playing along!<br />
That's twice in 24 hours I've heard somebody exclaiming the virtues of John Irving. I've not yet read any of his stuff, and I'm beginning to feels as though I've been missing out.<br />
<br />
Ray Charles is great family travel music -- soothing and soulful