5 More Things You Didn't Want To Know About Me!

Let’s see! I haven't played in awhile and since Bluebie ambush tagged me so here is 5 things about me that you may or may not know.

·          I'm terrified of sharks. I'll still swim in the ocean but I have to fight panic attacks the whole time.
·          I'm an affectionate drunk unless I've had a rough day, then I'm weepy.  Either way I like to have a strong man with me to make sure that I don’t do anything really stupid when I drink.
·          The word "moist" bothers me. I have no idea why. Say it, it sounds dirty doesn't it? But  it isn’t a fun kind of dirty. It just makes me feel “eww” when I say it or I hear someone else say it. I am NEVER moist. If I am turned on I am “WET” dayum it, not “ewwww moist!”
·          I don't eat hot dogs or bologna. I KNOW what is in them and it just ain’t gonna happen. I won’t even feed them to my dogs because again I KNOW how they are made. EWWWWW!
·           I have wrecked every car I' have owned but not once was it my fault.

Now you know 5 more things about fungirl. Let’s see if we can get some new people to play with us. I tag the following people:
·          WTFDog!
·          Lazycrazybasket
·          Spiritoftherabbit
·          1sensualheart
Thanks for playing everyone. I look forward to reading more about you that I don’t already know.  J
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18 Responses Dec 15, 2011


you already have a fear of cute little kittens, and they aren't even moist most of the time.

Oh no... now I may develop an irrational fear of coconuts. ((giggles))

Durians too but that's for obvious reasons.

If it makes you feel any better more people are killed annually by falling coconuts than sharks. Doesn't surprise me though I've never trusted coconuts.... they're up to something....even now.

Of course

but you just said you like wet!

Ewww they would be wet.... very wet!<br />
<br />

I see your point, you sure do know about your moist topics!

I think hot dogs and salad would be way more moist on the way out than on the way in...

was it moist?

That is just too yucky. I think I threw up a little.

salads are pretty moist too on most occasions..

Ugh ugh ugh!

Hot dogs are moist, doncha think???

Can be moist....can be juicy....moist and juicy? : )

I'll take your word for it Bushwackr! I don't eat the things either. :)

have to be very moist to get tagged.

Forlorn... Consider yourself tagged.

Ewwww nasty. lol

this sure was a moist kind of story.