Tagged Again :-)

1) I've realized that, while I love the company of others, living alone is an in paralleled bliss

2) My number one inanimate best friend has always been my car

3) I'm beginning to love living in Orange County - snowy mountains, sandy beaches, open desert: so much beauty within such a short drive

4) I love road trips...don't really care where to

5) I love quotes from historical people

I don't really know who to tag so I'll let the first five people that want to tag themselves...just wb me to let me know :-D lol
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4 Responses Dec 18, 2011

I don't like that tagging play, but I like to read what my friends write!<br />
I enjoyed your vid, driving on the streets of the place you lived. A road movie so to say. *snickers*

Yes You avoid a lot of needless drama with solitary living and many online friends.After all If you feel overwhelmed you can turn off your computer and go on a road trip in your best friend the car !

Right?! Who'd a thunk I'd actually like living here! :-D lol

I'm not volunteering to be tagged, look atchu becoming an OC man! lolz.. wasn't 6 months ago u were talkin smack about it.. haha