I've Been Tagged- How Exciting =)

Okay, here goes:

1. I write every day. It's just something I have to do to keep calm. I write poetry, random short stories, dialogues, anything that will make my mind focus.

2. I hate "going with the flow". Even if it's good from me, I like to feel different, set apart from the normal, the expected.

3. I have REALLY strange dreams. They tend to follow a certain pattern depending on whatever's going on at the time. And although there are some dreams I forget as soon as I wake up, the ones I remember after waking, I never forget.

4. I like to be alone. I have this pull inside me that takes me to quiet places away from all the people where I can be alone, places that become my safe-haven.

5. I've always wanted to live in England for a while. Maybe after college, I'll take a year or two off just to live in England, to see if I can survive on my own in a different country. I'll get a job, maybe take some classes, meet new people.

Tagging Time!!
Okay, I'm tagging:
3501april, I'mOkayNow, and Lollipopbabe
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Dec 20, 2011