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1.  As you see by the avatar, I'm an officer with the PD.

2.  I live south of the Mason/Dixon but hail from Pennsylvania.

3.  I have two beautiful daughters, Marisol and Chita.  Marisol and her husband are expecting my first grandchild and we are all excited about that.

4.  I plan on retiring soon and hope to buy a vacation home in Puerto Rico where my mom's relatives live.  It's beautiful and I plan on spending a lot of time down there!  (and I am in hopes a certain Senorita will accompany me....you knew I just had to say that AF)

5.  I was neighbors with Giggles4488 for almost 16 years and I have PLENTY of interesting stories to tell....living next to her was eye-opening to say the least!! (lol, sorry to toss you under the bus, Giggles, but I couldn't think of anything else to say)

That's about the jist of it and now I'm supposed to tag 5 people?  There is only one in my circle who hasn't written anything for this group so I'll just tag her.

Miss DragonMoonsong, you're up to bat !!
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Teehee....Trooper says I'm only allowed to sniff the cork cause he doesn't have time to keep me from table dancing. Shoot fire, he ain't no funzzzz! I don't figure a tiny dropper full would hurt...mmmm

Ladies, LADIES!! NOT that kind of 5th.

Omg, look what you've started. Did you actually think that tossing Giggles under the bus was going to keep her quiet? Argh....we really need to have a long talk! And telling Cheeky you take the 5th WON'T work, either. Tried it....failed.....

No, but I figured it was worth a shot! Obviously it didn't work, there seems to be a new post in Story Wars. Can I have some of that aspirin you keep taking? lol

I feel like I'm being ganged up on....well, <br />
Fact: there is a pond<br />
Fact: there was a snake<br />
Fact: I take the 5th lol

Oh my, just look what you find out when someone plays this game of tag ;) Snakes, ponds, fast "haul azz" cars, and Miss Cheeky making Miss Moonsong "cough up" info!! Got to love it ;) Now officer, do tell us about that pond of yours, por favor? lmbo

yup def a story there... yes sir reeeee.... just the facts.... just the facts!!!

Nothing at all to tell? OH PLEASE! You are an interesting woman and you have plenty to share...come on, you can do it if I can. Thank you, I hope I get my druthers, too. My family loved Miss AF, but then who wouldn't?

Wow, you're a cop? I had no idea!....lmbo ;) This was great. I have to write one and I have NO idea what to say, I'm never good at talking about myself but I'll try. I think we'll skip right over #4 and head straight to #5....STORIES....WE WANT STORIES!! Don't listen to Giggles, we want to hear the good stuff ;)

Very funny, AF! Skipping 4? That's no good, I worked hard on #4 just for you ;) And no, I won't listen to Giggles. She can't do a thing, she's too far away....maybe.....

Lol, yes, you worked hard on that and I'm impressed ;) Hmmm....personally, I don't care if Giggles lives in Timbuktu, she could still "get" you....be careful, hahaha

bangbang that car of hers can hall ***, so long as she isn't crossing an ocean she isnt too far away :P

True, didn't think of that. lol

Yeppers, Miss Cheeky, Miss AF, and MOI all have cars that can get to you before you can find your car keys....we luvs FAST cars ;)


Lol, Moonsongs old truck can get up and go! I'll be on the lookout for a truck piggy-backing small Chugga Chugga car.....two women sitting up front laughing and giving the F.U. Party Salute as they down slurpees and speed through town ;)

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aaw, come on Miss Moonsong, you have LOTS to tell !! <br />
<br />
Hmm...as for you, LaLa, NO STORIES bout old neighbors...nobody is interested in any of that junk. Besides, it just occured to moi, I KNOW STORIES ABOUT A CERTAIN COP. Teehee.....you zip it and I'll zip it ;) <br />
<br />
Ooooh, vacation home? Is there a west wing me and trooper can hang out in?? Hahaha, you know you will need company down there in the land of sun and fun ;)

Now, now, Miss Giggles, you know I was a good neighbor...quiet, polite, never made a ruckus! You have NO stories to tell on me. I hope ;)

I smell somebody's pants are on fire....not nice to tell a lie BangBang! We know she MUST have stories ;)

BangBang I hope you have a tub of water to sit in cuz your bunzzz are gonna get toasty with all that fibbing your doing !!!!


teehee.....CHEEKY GOT YA!! Lol, Hey Cheeky, BangBang has a nice pond he could sit in to put those pants out....ask him about the time his "neighbor" found him yelling and sweating trying to wrangle a snake in that there pond!! tahaha....don't fool with me Dude, I HAVE TALES TO TELL ;)

aww BANGBANG.... your being stingyzzzzz assume the position !!! your busted (the position to which I refer is the on in front of the keyboard hands a typin BTW)

Haha, glad you explained that!

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Oh my, up to bat and nothing to tell. Let me think about this and I'll try to post something ;) BUT do tell us all your stories about your old neighbor... lol, I'm sure we would ALL be very interested. <br />
Again, I'm so happy for your family expecting the new arrival. Blessings to your daughter and son-in-law. How wonderful, a vaction home in PR sounds perfect. From what I hear, the "senorita" was impressed by your family and perhaps you will get your wish. I, for one, hope so ;)

Nothing to tell my Aunt Fanny!! You have to write something!

lier lier pants on fire :P you gotz stories.... now cough em up sister !!!

LMBO!! Miss Moonsong, it seems the ladies have called you out on this ;)