I Have To Find A Way........

I have to find a way to believe in myself purely and fully. I need to truly believe that I can accomplish what I want and need to. I suppose I am thinking out loud really.....how do you believe in yourself and be inspired by yourself when all you have ever known and been told is how useless you can be and how much of a failure you are, when you spent your schooling being bullied and are intimidated in adult life by others. I want to find that drive and passion for what I would like to achieve, I guess a goal in itself. hmmmmmm something to truly work on me thinks.
NewDay NewDay
31-35, F
2 Responses Feb 24, 2012

Thank you for comment an kind words and your positive ideas.

sometimes i hate myself,but sometimes i tell myself we're all unique,and i go on websites like mindGYM.com,get's me thinking positive,i have little spinning green circles,going clockwise,in my minds eye,for positive thoughts,and glaring red negative circles,going anti clockwise,for all negative thoughts,and try and stay in the positive,and get rid of the negative,by visualising you can tell your subconcious what to do,anyway it's just the start of pma,positive mental attitude ,i hope you can find it,luv ya x