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The thoughts and possibilities of that school yard game with MilkyNips, prolific one, are endless but let’s get away from daydreaming and down to business. I need to be extra careful about my usual butchering of the grammar (preposition misuse, invented rules) with "Milky the Literary and the Sexy" hovering nearby. Don’t want to be scolded or worse. Morsels or the mundane? Five of them from me. 


  1.   Fav authors. I read like a demon, mostly fiction. I’ve read everything by Daniel Silva (Gabriel Allon, the Moussad spy and assassin, is my guy). . . in the middle of his latest; James Lee Burke (Robicheaux the bad-boy bayou detective); Elmore Leonard (more than 50 books from him; he’s been at it since the 50’s!); Amitav Ghosh and J.M. Coetzee (“Disgrace” is this Nobel Prize winner’s best and is amazing.) Right next to me is “Sex at Dawn,” a look at the prehistoric origins of sexuality, and given to me by a fellow EP’er. The Bonobo monkeys and our ancestors from just a few thousand years ago and before had it right. Loved a peek at the vast cosmos and exactly how we can peek from Tom Ferris's "Coming of Age in the Milky Way."

  2. I sank 23 free throws in a row over four games in high school and played varsity basketball and tennis for several years. No big deal considering I shot 10’s of thousands of shots from the foul line in the driveway under the scrutiny and watchful eye of my demanding coach dad. Five in a row to finish every evening before dinner.

  3. I love to dance and I’m learning “Salsa” and all of its complicated breaks, beats and weight changes. Not so easy in the dance outfit that demands heels. There are many teachers where I live which has a large Cuban-American population. Salsa is religion to them. It is sensual and sexual: the woman is always at the control and scrutiny of her partner and his strength, confidence and protection are pervasive (and freaking hawt!)  from difficult spinning moves to tightly close, staring-in-each-others-eyes dance steps.

  4. There’s a good chance that I will have the opportunity to live in the U.K. in 2013. My guy has pretty much accepted a year-long program/assignment from an entity in Chelsea. How that affects (or may) my established routine is a world-class problem to have.

  5. I love to cook but usually end up eating out local because of my sked (and I’m a lazy bones). Grams owned a small bakery and learned from her German mother the thrill of pleasing others through their palate. That was passed down. I keep it simple in the kitchen but, when I cook, try to make it special. That reminds me, I need to take out of the freezer boneless/skinless chicken thighs. (Salt, pepper and little panfry sear at high heat, into the 400 degree oven for 20 minutes or a minute or two less; let the chickie rest on a plate; into the same pan a shot of chardonnay, a ton of garlic, butter an entire lemon. Two minutes. Voila.)

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Another good writing from you. May have to get some of your German recipes from you. Add me so I can see your pics?

Nuttin exciting there that you'd like to see 'cept some carefully choreographed nude shots and scenes from my latest x-rated vids.

Salsa. What can I say? Volcanic heat...transformative: from girl-next-door to goddess!<br />
Anyone who knows you Kathryn knows how astonishingly bright you are while being a<br />
salsa-goddess in the making. Yikes!!<br />
To think you had me with the chickie thighs that make a man pucker from the whole lemon!

wow babe salsa... sounds sexy as hell I've always wanted to learn... maybe when you get good enough u can teach me ;) and those chicken thighs... hot.

Wow you do a lot of reading, that makes for a smart girl. Also wow to that many free throws- sweet. Salsa dancing anothe rwow. Good for you That is very hard and demanding to do. You cook too. I hope your guy knows how lucky he is to have such a great woman and one that is willing to move to another country for him even more special.

24 is pretty awesome. Free throws are easier to make in the driveway then in a game when winded and often bruised. I had a "perfect" season once but was only something like 8 for 8. LOL As you can guess i was better at free throws than the other parts of the game.

Two quick thoughts . . . <br />
<br />
1) Salsa dancing is awesome. The latin dances are so much fun. I never got very good at salsa, but it was so much fun to do.<br />
<br />
2) Chicken thighs - well done! Too many people abandon the thighs, but they cook up so tender. If you cook them with the skin on, it seals the flavor and juices inside - especially on the grill. There is this fantastic glaze that I make for them using orange juice and brown sugar . . . I'll have to look up the recipie. Almost spring time, almost time to get the grill going again . . .

Yayy for learning Salsa!! It ROCKS!! :) AWESOME on going to explore a new land too! Enjoy!

The Brits' gain will be America's loss.

Ah the salsa ... and those heels, I sight to behold I'm sure. And yes I would like to second that a move to the UK is (may be) a world class problem! Kidding of course ... well sorta :). Funny how so many of your posts lately make me hungry.

You'll have the opportunity to feed me grapes by hand, which I'm sure will satisfy that hunger.

History would suggest this to be true and a very welcome means of satisfying my rapidly increasing hunger. Maybe add some cheese and crackers followed by a walk on the beach at sunset and then a homemade desert.