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Okay...Charmingpurple has tagged me...I didn't know if I could play it...but here it goes...

1. As child I used to be scared to be alone even a single minute but now I'm alone most of the time..I love to see 'Home alone' series when I'm alone..helps me to feel better sometimes.

2. I love children..I feel every comfortable and happy to play with them...even children get attached to me quite fast..thats what their parents tell me...maybe my inside child is still alive.

3. I want to become a fashion designer someday...I want to be congratulated on the ramp..after my team shows off all the dresses and accessories designed by me...its a dream from my childhood...but I'm not sure if I could ever make it true..since I am a software professional now.

4. I have often dreamt of spaceshuttles, satellites,star orbiters in my childhood dreams...things mostly related to NASA ...but I was not interested to know much about them..made me scared sometimes why did I see them in my dreams. 

5. If you do not know me..and I am in your company..I maynot speak a single word..and there will be only silence..but if you know me..and I feel comfortable to speak...I will tell you all about me..and you maynot get a chance to speak. I am really peculiar I guess.

I like to tag 5 people..would like you to tell 5 random things about yourself...if you would like to share something..that would be nice..thank you!

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I used to want to be a designer too. Actually I wanted to design clothing for dolls :) I'm a big kid too. It's great to have fun. Home alone is a great movie...funny!

Papri, they are 5 brilliant things about you and I am proud that you have shared them with me. You are a top friend although I don't believe I can tag 5 others to tell them 5 things about myself. I don't have enough "close friendships" on here to do it. I love the NASA dreams, I have just bought a DVD set about the shuttle which I intend watching soon. Thanks Papri

Thanks...ohh i used to be quite scared when I dreamt about NASA things...i never saw them in TV as well before dreaming....dont know how come they came to my dreams..must be your favourite as i guess.

I don't know a lot about it however I did see the launch of Juno (see avatar pic) last year from the kennedy space centre. The whole NASA experience was awesome and I have loved it since. Just a pity the space programme is in decline now.

Aww, dear... Only thing I've to done now is open my heart... OK. I'll do it soon :)

Thanks JG..that would be nice.

promise !

hehe i get the 5th quiet like that tooo lol...initially ppl go like "girl do u even talk " in the end they go like"damn u talk sooo much " :D

Yup..I have been called living doll even since i didnt speak but smiled sometimes.

You do fine :)

1. I like Home Alone too :)

2. Its good thing to keep your inner child alive, somehow it make you always look younger

3. You still can do it, just for fun. Maybe help children to design costumes for plays or Halloween.

4. Past life maybe? or you used to be have a huge crush to Christoper Reeve's Superman (I think I did) :D

5. LoL

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