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I got tagged by Papri and Juliegirlie. So I'll post 10 things about me.

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10 Facts about me

1. I don't like anything too sweet. I don't eat sugar. Just honey sometimes in my tea and oatmeal.

2. I'm 5'4 but about 5'7 with heels

3. I'm always cold. If it's lower then 60 degrees...it's way to cold for me. Brrrrr!  I always have a jacket or sweater with me. And I have my heater on at work next to me. I love it when it's in the 70's and 80's.

4. I have this weird fantasy of having a photographer taking pics of me in a black Gothic style dress in the cemetery. I think it would be beautiful. Don't ask why...yeah sounds weird I guess...

5. I'm exited! I just bought a new collectible doll to add to my toy collection. A Tinkerbell!  She's so pretty!   I don't open the boxes or play with them. Just like to look and admire my dollies :)

6. I don't watch TV anymore. Once in a blue moon. But I'm too busy and it bores me.

7. I have a ton of energy so I keep myself busy doing a million things. I have ants in my pants....can't stay still too long. I get bored easily. I can't sleep well and feel guilty if I don't do something productive. I like to be out and about doing stuff and having fun. By the end of the night...I'm so tired that I sleep well these days.

8. I love makeup. Especially Eye makeup. I have a big purple caboodle makeup box full of makeup. I used to sit in front of the mirror when I was about 13 I used to play with my mom's makeup and try to imitate the models in the magazines. Me and my sister used to transform other girls growing up. She would do hair and I would do makeup before they went clubbing or to some party.

9. I really want to start traveling. I'll need a vacation soon. I'm trying to make more money and save up so I can start traveling...maybe by the end of the year or next year.

10. I'm going to volunteer for the first time on Easter Sunday to serve homeless people in a shelter. Pretty exited about that. But I have to wake up super early. I have to be there at 6Am so no going out for me the night before :)

5 people I'm tagging
1. 1Megan97 (This will be challenging for you. Tell me something I don't know )

2. Aikenoo  (Gotta pick my awesome lil monkey friend :D  )

3. Acepentacles ( Nice and wise lady. I like learning from you)

4. Dreamweve (Because your awesome!)

5. JennyV  ( You're awesome also!)

(Here's a pic of my new doll)    She's gorgeous!

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3 Responses Mar 5, 2012

ohh u don't like sugar !!! XD and Tinkerbell is hot ! and yes I know she is not real but she is still hottie *Q*

lol. Your funny. Yeah I have a crush on Tinkerbell...lol she's cute :D

1. Naw, you don't need sugar, you're already sweet :)<br />
2. You're still taller than me<br />
3. Go on vacation to somewhere warmer and tropical :D<br />
4. I think it makes beautiful imaginary, but I'm kinda weirdo, so my opinion kinda invalid, LoL<br />
5. Tink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
6.I watch some TV shows just for eye candies, meaning shirtless men with six pack, LMAO<br />
7. LoL, its a good thing<br />
8.I wish we live next door instead of different countries altogether, you could teach me do make up :D<br />
9.Yes :)<br />
10. Aww that is very nice of you

Ahwww your sweet :D
lol your not a weirdo. Your awesome!
tehe Eye candy
Yeah I would teach you and make you over if you were my neighbor.

Nice bunch !<br />
#2 : aww<br />
#4 : Oh, my Goth !<br />
#6 : I agree !<br />
#7 : ants in my pants....LOLz<br />
#10 : Congratulations....