A Few Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I am Romanian. 

2. I have sense of humor, but some people don't understand my jokes. 

3. I like to be alone and think.

4. I am addicted to music.

5. I am a shy person. 

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9 Responses Mar 5, 2012

She's the ardeleancă :D


Romanian cool

We are compatible on 50-50 ratio. : )

Romanian girll:))

Yes.:) Why are you laughing?

so you do have a sense of humor...

Yes, I do. Or at least I hope I do..

one can only hope that what the express is understood by others... who cares if they dont understand tho...

The important thing is that the majority of people laugh at my jokes. Or maybe they laugh at me LOL ..I don't know..

ever get the "wtf is wrong with you " look?

Yes. :)) Are you giving me that look right now?

lol how would i if you didnt crack a joke ?__?

Crack a joke? I usually don't crack the joke before I say it.

you just got the look lmao jk jk

LOL :))

add me as a friend idk how

You press on the "Add to circle" button.

lol thank for being so blunt and educating me -________-...

LOL I like to help people in need.:)

so ur my knight in shinning armor?

Sort of..

lmao your a trip. i love your sense of humor

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Can't believe My eyes, are u really Romanian? and please don't tag it to Me, I already got tagged, not in the mood for another story =P =D

Da, sunt romanca.:)

Suuuper, de-acum am 2 prieteni romani aici, asta desigur daca-i sa ma adaugi =P =)

pretty much what I think....except I'm not Romanian...

Ur very much like me:-)

i read it

Thank you.:)

No thanks lol