I Was Tagged By Falcran And Lonewolf1964 Thank You Both :) What A Wonderful B-day Gift

Well 5 things about me lets see

1) I work at a retirement home and Love It !!!

2) Wear my heart on my sleeve

3) Am a very calm person, don't get upset often do not see the need

4) Like old movies Black and Whites

And last but not leased

5) LOVE to sky dive .
I could probably go on but the limited was five .

My List my B-Day gift to you

1) Handsome Disaster

2) LostintheWoulds

3) dsrice

4) EbonyLady

5) Scorpio1987

Have fun :)

I was tagged twice so I am picking 10 people we should all have a little fun here is my other list

1) thatguy1970

2) learning4ever

3) seekingmytruepath

4) not darcy

5) singleagain47

Also have fun :)

So Sorry forgot to give you instructions on how to play Silly Me

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Mar 8, 2012