Few Things About Me.

1) I am always misunderstood.

2) No matter what time I sleep..my body automatically wakes up at 7 am

3) I can never digest fast foods.

5) I love to type LOL and then LOL

6) I laugh and smile all the time for little things...me needs no 5 star top class jokes..okay?

7) I get happy or sad for no reason.

8) I always stare towards the sky.

9) I speak then think..yeah it can be dangerous sometimes

10) Music..I don't have any favorite genre..I let my heart decide

11) Movies..yeah love them..Books..been taking over it lately

12) I m attracted to old things and style..maybe because of OLD is GOLD quote which was my favorite quote to say and it is true.

13) I love to explore..I follow my instinct..and explore anywhere I want to

14) I hate inequality, unfairness, hypocrisy, lies, materialism, slavery, ego, dillusion ...that is why I dislike society

15) I m not good at keeping contact as I suffer from disappearing disease..as my friends would say but I m trying my best to stay in contact with the real world.

16) I feel like I live on my own world sometimes.

17) I never get bored. I always find something.

18) I had bad temper, I try my best to control it.

19) I take pride in meeting people from different culture and countries..IF I count the number of different countrymen and women I've met...it should be around 50 plus..not bad eh? :)

20) I m not scared to fight for the right cause.

21) I break rules if it hurts noone or if it saves someone.

22) I only share my deep thoughts and self with few trusted close friends..to the rest I treat them the best and jolly and equally. This will be end of my list.

I hope you didn't fall asleep.

wishfordeath wishfordeath
22-25, M
1 Response Jul 29, 2012

I am still awake. :)