It's Cool

my friend nadeem tagged me so i m playing this

1. I am a stupid , silly girl who always lose her temper easily.
2. I am a thinker i am a night and day person bt i prefer night.

3. I love school but i hate studies.

4. i love to sleep, i am ugly, i hate myself for being me, i don't like to eat oh ya i m thin too

5. I love my family, friends, country,religion 

that's all about me 
here are the person i want to tag 

1. Sophiesworld
2. Curiousebonybutterfly
3. Maimoona183
4. Onwayout
5. Emodemon13 

Slowlifee Slowlifee
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

thnks nisha

4 wat?

for tagging me...stupid and silly girl

oh ur welcome