And now I am supposed to write 5 things about me not commonly known. Geez, the things I can tall I probably already have. So......

1) I had an experience involving scrambling SAC and the evacuation of the President that I cannot discuss more. But wish I could tell as it was an expected ending to a great prank.
2) Pretty, sexy young ladies seem to want to be my friend just so they can talk hotesly about things like I am a confessor grandfather.It is good they cannot read my mind when I feel their soft friendly hugs.
3) The more I hurt, the more times I perform standup comedy at the club.
4) My fine art photography and art was seen in papers, magazines, and galleries until I died and saw real beauty and how muted the beauty of this world is. And I could no longer work with the shallow beauty of this world any more.
5) I want to go on a camping trip when it is my time to die. I want the animals and parasites to consume my body so my atoms might have some use in the ecocylce there. And if friends think of me and want to go there, they will now that my atoms may be in everything they see around and there will or grave or urn to mourn over, but just life to celebrate.

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Dec 1, 2012