Tagged by a brat! Who'd have thought? Okay. Let me think. Want to keep some mystery about me even though I am honest to a fault....What can I give you, curious ones?
I wear many hats. Only one-darling Carlos-knows what I am capable of. And how lovely these hats all fit me. Some are a bit big, but I am learning to grow into them. So I use these hats for specific purposes. To help you is one. That's enough on that. Those who know, know....Others do not....
I believe good triumphs over evil. I know this is true. Just take my word on this. So watch out...
I am growing my curly blonde hair long. I am Leo, hear me roar. I still break brushes on it. But it is part of me, so I don't fight it. It is lovely. Thick. Ringlets at the bottom. And unruly. Just like me. And wild of course...*laughing*
I am madly in love with andnottoyield. Have been for some time. He searched his life for me and found me here. I knew the moment we met, he was the most amazing man in the world. And when he asked me to dance, he captured my heart. And I love him so so so much, no words exist for this...And soon our lifetime dance begins...And we move to our new home...I love you, Carlos. I adore you. I cherish every inch of you...And your words of beauty....Ooops! Rambling again....kissessssssssssssssssssss.....
I have been a healer for all my life. From the time I was a tot, I tended sick animals. Now I have healed people for 20 years. It is my career. And I am most excellent at it. I have an uncanny ability to know exactly what is wrong with people and how to help them albeit to recover or to die with dignity. The people I tend love me. That is easy. To let them go is not so easy. But saving lives is a high that can never be replicated in any way. I am proud of what I do, but I am getting tired. It is rewarding, but difficult. I am grateful to have made differences both small and large in this world. My work is not yet done. *smiles*
Thank you for listening.

I am tagging these people:

andnottoyield-Carlos, you are the love of my life. I love you.
whazzupdude-one of my closest friends. Love ya!
tigermoth1234-dearheart of mine. Adore you.
eatingcrow-my closest female friend-tough as nails and soft as a marshmellow.
calvinumaker-my dear one. A man of such sensitivity is rare. Love you, R. 

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Dec 9, 2012