The Rule Of Five

Here is the game of tag played EP Style:

Once you've been tagged, you write a post with at least five random things, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose between three and five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave a comment (“You’re tagged!” on their whiteboard or in a PM), and don’t forget to return to the group to comment on their story. You can’t tag the person who tagged you. Since you can’t tag me, let me know when you've posted your story, so I can comment and hopefully learn more about you. Here are my five:

It bothers me that language constrains the way I think

Chocolate is the answer; not 42

I want to know WHY pi is irrational, not just that it is

It is a source of great satisfaction for me that male pattern baldness is coded on the X chromosome

I earned more last year than my father earned in his entire working life; that's inflation!






claudianovotny claudianovotny
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4 Responses Dec 10, 2012

You did not tag me.

I want to know why men come faster than women.

There is a lot I do not like about socialism but I accept that without it, I would not have the opportunities available to me.

How can anyone control the money supply nowadays?

Why is does the word girl have the neutral gender in a certain European language?

Why is one of the most interesting women I have met on EP a lesbian?

Cool! 'fraid i picked the top five people who were on-line at the time. Great points, though.

You are the most fascinating person in the world. She runs marathons in her bare feet backwards. She can remember what she ate for lunch 22 years ago to this day. Turtles follow her because they want to learn how to be graceful. She can pole vault 18 ft with a tooth pick!!! She issss the most interesting female in the world. She is Cee!!! Stay thirsty my friend!!!

tee hee... surreal!

I'd love to play with you, but feel intellectually outgunned.

I love your perspective!