I Was Tagged!

... by my friend calvinunmaker.

Five random facts about myself (I´m changing a few items because my list was rather blah, I´m not good at speaking of myself):

1) I believe in the power of love and friendship to help heal our deepest wounds.

2) One day when I was in my teens I went out with my pink frilly slippers on. When I noticed it (some fifteen minutes later), I immediately felt as if everyone in the street was staring at my feet. I walked into the first shoe store and bought myself a pair of sandals.  

3) My favorite color is green, which I associate with Venus, the planet that rules my zodiac sign.

4) Once I dreamed that I had a tree rising up from my head, but that didn´t annoy me. The problem was finding an adequate umbrella when it started to rain.  

5) I have burnt all my bridges and now I only have my own intuition to walk on.

I am tagging my friends (in alphabetical order) BadassQuiat, Cherflu, Datura, Louisthepearl and Tarahill... because you are such great people :)

Why can´t I tag more friends? :(  
TimelessEyes TimelessEyes
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4 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Datura-- ROTFL XD the image is too funny XD

hehe....and there is a burning bridge behind you! I hope those frilly pink slippers are fire proof ;-)

XD I suppose I can always pray for Venus's protection XD Oh and you do owe me a story!

I missed this story somehow when you wrote it, TimelessEyes! Guess I owe you a story :)
Your list of 5 is very interesting! Now I picture you walking around in pink slippers with a tree growing out of your head holding a huge green umbrella :D

Do you mean to say you have known datura since 2012??
Have you changed your name?

Yes, I have known Datura since late 2012, and no, my user name has always been the same... I think I don't understand... :)

Well I have only just bumped into you .. I thought I knew all datura's friends.

* goes off to study datura's list of friends*

LOL. I love your sense of humor :D

: )

See, Tas. You don't discover all the great people! Sometimes I do :D

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Great TE....I just did it too, then the more I thought about it I think I could have said about fifty random things...Love number 2
.I once went off on a journey ( 3 hr drive) and when I got out of the car to get some coffee half way thru the journey I realised that I had two odd shoes on ( both very similar but nonetheless both different shoes. I laughed for the rest of the journey ...and still do years later. luv and light Tara