5 Interesting Things About Me

My Homie 'louisthepearl' tagged me on this confusing tagging **** so i'll try my best..

1) Reading material for the toilet. I can't go to the toilet and sit on the Throne without reading material, once you have read the ingredients on the back of all the shampoo bottles it gets lonely, and boring in there, so i always bring in a paper, magazine or something to keep the mind occupied.
2) My Cat is black, some say its bad luck.. but i think she just changes colour when we are awake to fool us mere Human mortals, and when we are sleeping she transforms into her true form...ManBearPig.
3) I have a good pair of Binoculars in my house, which i love to use to look into peoples windows, i mean look up at the stars, i could do it for hours.
4) I eat alot of Junk Food, that much i wonder why i am not fat, it makes me think that if i have that mental condition where no matter what you do, you look skinny in your mind, when really, im Billy Bunter.
5) Where here we have it, number 5, i never knew i could count this high.

Tagged people in my list - DIYMan, Just Nate, Shaylan, Louisthepearl.. and the rest of the Mad Squad
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

haha awh I so remember this ! I also remember your fantabulous retard skills when it came to tagging people. Impressive to say the least xoxo

(You can't tag the friend that tagged you)

This tagging scenario is the most confusing thing i've came across, it took me ages to finally write this lol