Some Yahoo Tagged Me At 5 Am

surprisingly enough I was up at 5 AM too though, so here goes - 5 things you may not know about me:

1. I have rediscovered hockey this year, this time as a player. It started off as filling in on a team who was chronically short of players. They are still chronically short so I am still there. It is a ton of fun but its sometimes tough getting sleep after an 11 pm game.

2. I am a volunteer treasurer for a small non-profit organization. Three years ago they recruited me telling me it would only take 2-3 hours a month to do. I think he was talking about meetings cause the job is much bigger than that but I am somehow able to still fit in those responsibilities.

3. I do play video games but I like Board games more - Risk is my all time favorite although a good friend has given me the names of some good, lessor know ones I'll hopefully try over the holidays.

4. I had a high school sweetheart. We went out for nearly four years and was pretty sure we were going to get married, at least that is what I hoped for. One night I planned a proposal and actually made it on my knees and she broke up with me 20 minutes later.

5. I would love to be an open wheel race car driver. I love the speed, the strategy and feeling of power as you accelerate heavily. Problem is I'm too tall and too heavy so don't have a future there - maybe a stock car though. Anyone have a spare million $ to sponsor me?

Ladyryan and PenelopeParfait - your up!

I actually didn't read the rules until now - Drkside - your up too!
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3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Whoaa I love Risk too! I once was playing Risk with a guy who had regular epileptic seizures and he had one while we were playing and screwed up the board lol Fortunately he was alright.

You seem like a good dude - keep up the good will brother!

That's a great list....good luck in your stock car driving career!! :D

I know some people who work for Edmonton Indy....just sayin'

Firstly. . .that was a great list of five LTG. Interesting few things about a nice buddy brings out smile. But feel sorry about # 4, hope things would work out well in the future for you.
Secondly. . . reading the end of this post made me just laugh out. As I've said, I would rather have the back seat. LOL! But will try to come up with something.^^

not that seat. . . LOL!