I was tagged by my sexy friend Sugarandspicy, and it's no wonder! I would have had to run 7 miles just to get away from her! ;-) So now its my turn to share 5 random things about me...

1) I am a CPA and passed the entire exam the very first time I took it, way back in 1988.

2) I have been married to someone for twelve years, who I met on the internet fifteen years ago - so if I'm flirtatious, at least you know this is second nature to me! lol

3) I am enrolled in an MBA program, trying to better myself after a devastating, unexpected job loss almost two years ago. I just finally got reemployed in October.

4) I was the youngest of five children - our first few TV's were black and white! lol

5) I was a virgin til the age of 31! That's right. You didn't read that wrong! lol

Okay, now I get to pick five people, is that how it works??? I am choosing Sungirl3, SadGreenEyedGirl, LonelyTigress, Thisismeuncensored, and druidkat7. Hope you girls are the playful sort!!! ;-)
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#1 is quite impressive...I'm sure you'll do well with your MBA.

Great story - but who would EVER call you flirtatious? :P

:-) Nobody who hasn't matched me. Lol

awh..............you didnt ask me ?

I'm so sorry dear! I don't see you in here that much, thoguh a few who I asked didn't so.... oh I see you were asked ayway!

Oh Ambrose me is only messing,:) I only wish I could get to EP more often but now that I have returned to work finding the time is impossible , I 'm lucky to get a few mins here and there...I'm still struggling actually to navigate my way round EP, twice tonight I've sent messages and they havent been noted then my pc went down just as I was sending a really long note...fs...aaaahhhhhhhh! ...I must try to answer the five random questions..and I see someone earlier had a ten random things...luv and light from yr wee Irish mucker ( slang for friend ) xoxo

Yes, Miss L´Oreal... I tagged you :D

LOL xoxoxo sorry for your computer problems!

Timeless, nice to meet you!

Ah my lovely friend TE.....I tried sending you a message a while ago but the pc is playing up, I really wanted to do the 120 question dream questionaire and 5 or 10 random things....

Ambrose I am loving the banter between you and Sugar and Spicy, good fun here tonight...Tara

Thanks Tara! Yes, sugar and I have excellent chemistry... she's a lot of fun!

My pleasure, Ambrose :) I´m kidding, dear Tara... Sorry for butting in. I know how much you work, and that your PC likes to play tricks on you... But I would love to see your stories :)

Never a problem, Timeless!

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