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Okay, so here's my list of 5 things. Let me see if I can conjure up things people DON'T yet know about me.

1) I daydream of moving out to Oregon.

2) I am getting over my dislike of math just because there's a math section on an employment exam from a job I REALLY want--and I'm eligible to reapply this coming January, so I'm studying up!

3) I could SERIOUSLY live on Asian food--Thai, Indian, Chinese, etc and NEVER miss eating at a fast food place ever again.

4) I read Tarot and other Divination cards.

5) People like telling ghost stories, but I have seen enough Ghost-hunter and "Paranormal State" episodes that blow away the campfire competition for sheer creepy coolness!
druidkat7 druidkat7
31-35, F
Dec 12, 2012