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Thanks Gorgeous!
Knowing I have shared a lot about me self all this time, I was wondering what five random things should I share here. But then, will still have to tag along.^^

It's Tag Game ! so here goes my Five (randoms)

............ I want to have a happy relationship with someone I love.

............ I was worried about my health lately after experiencing a car accident. My hands are having this tingling numbness. I become worried since holding a pen, or even a chopstick I can feel the tingling numbness. But thanks to a friend who offered a massage, to my shoulder down to my back. . . the pain lessened. And it was a great relief for my daily works.

........... I've always wanted to work in big prestigious hotels. It was a dream to talk and give good service from a good management. The first class of service to great famous people (not referring to those spoilt brat celebreties)

........... I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I love public displays of affection.

........... I want to visit Europe, and from there start to write an Autobiography kind of book. It'll be a goal I want to reach. Earn and save money and visit England(London). It would be like a lovestory book. " oh pls pls pls, let it come true, let it come true !! " =P

NOW for the best part. . . Tagging. I tag the following friends. . .
........RedRubies (one of the sweet lady friends in my circle I never know much except her comments about B/s)
........CrazyWaterSpring ( one as a friend want to know more)
........WildeOscar (because he's a friend I always want to read)
........Bluemoon ( a new friend I want to know more)
........Looking4mywife (aside from being the sweet husband fo Sierra33 I want to know more about him a new friend)
Okay friends, you're it.
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What an awesome list!! I hope your shoulder improves.... Keep an eye on that with your doctor too... hugs...
Working with folks in the hotels sounds like fun!!
Good luck on your traveling and book idea too they both sound great to me!! :)

You're right, I need a visit a doctor and take it seriously. Thanks Sierra.

I have that same numbness in my left hand and it's from a pinched nerve, so maybe that's your issue too. I feel for you, because I know how much it can be a pain in the butt when you drop something or your handwriting gets all messy because of a numb hand.

Thank you Affinity for sharing yours. It's true, my daily routine is getting messy. Even at home, just like when hilding a knife and uses pressure with my hands, I can feel this tingling numbness that I have to drop the knife just to relieve myself from the pain. I'm sure it's nerve that has been causing this chronic pain for months now.

LR, some years ago a Japanese corp owned several hotels around the world, one was the Emerald, it was in Anahiem Ca.near Disneyland, It's now owned by the Disney people, but when the Japanese owned it they had a program where employees from Japan could come to the US and work at the hotel for one year and go home.

A young woman I talked to at the hotel said this was her second time working away from home, her first time was in Paris. I wonder if any programs like that exist today, you might check it out.

Jack thanks for the info. I have also heard of few years ago of those kinds, but in Guam, and they prefer fluency in Japanese.